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Federal Crimes

Target Letter in Federal Crimes
Target Letter

Target Letter in Federal Crimes

Federal Criminal Defense Fighter Needed in the Middle District of Florida?

If you’ve received a federal target letter or suspect you might be under investigation for federal crimes in the Middle District of Florida, you need a seasoned federal criminal defense expert by your side. Contact us today to secure the legal support you need. The Federal Court in the Middle District of Florida is a hotbed of drug and computer-related indictments, making it crucial to have an experienced attorney who can navigate these complex legal waters.

Understanding the Target Letter

A target letter is a formal notification from federal prosecutors indicating that you are a target in a federal criminal investigation. This letter signifies that the prosecution has substantial evidence linking you to a crime and is considering bringing charges against you. Receiving a target letter can be a daunting experience, but it is also an opportunity to address the situation proactively.

Why You Need a Federal Criminal Defense Expert

How Can You Fight Before the First Court Date? Some attorneys agree to represent clients in this early stage. Contact with the assigned lawyer for the Government can be made and a request to meet or discuss the pending charges is sometimes a good choice.

Federal criminal cases are markedly different from state cases, with more stringent procedures and higher stakes. Engaging an attorney who specializes in federal criminal defense is essential for several reasons:

  1. Complex Legal Procedures: Federal courts operate under different rules and regulations compared to state courts. A federal criminal defense expert is well-versed in these procedures.
  2. Experienced Opponents: Federal prosecutors, often seasoned professionals, are skilled in handling complex cases. You need an attorney who can match their expertise.
  3. Severe Penalties: Convictions in federal court often result in harsher penalties. An experienced defense attorney can help mitigate these consequences.

Casey Ebsary: Your Advocate in Federal Court

Casey Ebsary is a federal criminal defense expert who practices in the Middle District of Florida. His extensive experience and dedication make him a formidable opponent against federal prosecutors. Here’s what sets Casey apart:

Extensive Experience

Casey Ebsary has been repeatedly appointed by the District Court as a Criminal Justice Act attorney, a testament to his expertise and the trust the court places in him. He regularly goes head-to-head with federal prosecutors, ensuring that his clients receive the best possible defense.

Knowledge of Sentencing Guidelines

The United States Sentencing Guidelines are complex and can significantly impact the outcome of a case. Casey is proficient in these guidelines and uses this knowledge to advocate for reduced sentences and favorable plea deals for his clients.

Constitutional Law Expertise

Many federal criminal cases involve constitutional law issues. Casey’s deep understanding of constitutional rights ensures that his clients’ rights are protected throughout the legal process. Whether it’s challenging unlawful searches or defending against improper interrogation tactics, Casey is prepared to fight for justice.

Pre-Indictment Representation

One of the most critical phases in a federal criminal case is the pre-indictment stage. During this time, effective legal representation can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Sometimes the greatest success in federal prosecutions can be achieved before the case goes to the Grand Jury.

Negotiating with Federal Authorities

Casey is experienced in handling pre-indictment matters with the United States Attorney and federal authorities. He knows how to negotiate and present compelling arguments that can potentially prevent an indictment from being filed.

Building a Strong Defense Early

By engaging an attorney early in the process, you can begin building a strong defense before charges are formally filed. This proactive approach can involve gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and developing legal strategies that can deter the prosecution from moving forward.

Call to Action

If you’ve been arrested or think you might be under investigation, don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us immediately for a consultation. Early intervention can significantly affect the outcome of your case.

The Importance of Early Legal Intervention

The period immediately following the receipt of a target letter is crucial. During this time, your attorney can:

  1. Assess the Evidence: Review the evidence that the prosecution has gathered and determine the strength of their case.
  2. Advise on Cooperation: Provide guidance on whether cooperating with the authorities could be beneficial in your situation.
  3. Prepare for Grand Jury Proceedings: If your case is likely to go before a Grand Jury, your attorney can prepare you for what to expect and how to respond.

How We Can Help

At our firm, we understand the gravity of federal criminal charges and the impact they can have on your life. Our comprehensive legal services include:

In-Depth Case Analysis

We conduct thorough investigations to uncover all relevant facts and evidence. This meticulous approach helps us build a robust defense strategy tailored to your specific case.

Aggressive Defense Strategies

We are not afraid to challenge the prosecution’s case at every turn. From filing pre-trial motions to suppress evidence to cross-examining witnesses, we are committed to fighting for your rights.

Support Throughout the Legal Process

Facing federal charges can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to go through it alone. We provide continuous support and clear communication throughout the legal process, ensuring you understand your options and the potential outcomes.


Federal criminal cases require a defense attorney with specialized knowledge, experience, and a tenacious approach. Casey Ebsary’s track record in the Middle District of Florida makes him the ideal choice for anyone facing federal charges. His expertise in the United States Sentencing Guidelines, Constitutional Law, and pre-indictment negotiations sets him apart as a top-tier federal criminal defense attorney.

Final Call to Action

Don’t leave your future to chance. Contact Casey Ebsary today to discuss your case and secure the strong defense you deserve. Early legal intervention is key to achieving the best possible outcome in your federal criminal case.

We Can Fight

Federal Middle District of Florida Criminal Defense Attorney / Expert Trial Lawyer
Federal Middle District of Florida Criminal Defense Attorney / Expert Trial Lawyer

Call a Tampa Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

When trouble comes in Federal Court, we can provide a solution. Call a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney today at (813) 222-2220 for a free initial consultation. If it is more convenient for you, we respond quickly to your call for help via our Call For Help web submission. Your messages, questions, and comments are sent to us wirelessly. We are constantly checking and responding, and will quickly get back to you via telephone or email.

William F. “Casey” Ebsary, Jr. is a Lawyer who practices in criminal defense of all criminal charges in Federal Court. Casey is a former Criminal Prosecutor. Mr. Ebsary is AV rated by the Martindale Hubbell Directory and Lawyers.com. An AV rating is the highest rating issued by this nationally recognized lawyer rating service. An AV Rating shows that a federal criminal defense attorney has reached the height of professional excellence. AV Trial rated Criminal attorneys have usually practiced Defense law for many years, and are recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity.Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist,W.F. ”Casey” Ebsary, Jr. , knows that hundreds of people are arrested, questioned, and indicted in both Florida State and Federal Courts every day. That’s where a Florida Bar Board Certified Specialist, comes in. Board Certified Specialist, W.F. ”Casey” Ebsary practices extensively in the Federal Court in the Middle District of Florida.

Tampa Federal Criminal Defense Attorney W.F. ”Casey” Ebsary, Jr. , notes that the New York Times has uncovered a rash of mistrials resulting from jurors using technology during voir dire (jury selection) and throughout the trial and deliberations.During a federal drug trial in Florida a juror admitted that he had been doing research on the case on the Internet The judge had instructed the jury not to rely on evidence not presented in court. The other eight jurors had been doing the same thing. The judge declared a mistrial- pulling the plug on an eight-week trial.

Sample Target Letter

Sample Target Letter:

Re: Grand Jury Investigation

Dear _____________:

This letter is to advise you that you are now a target of a Federal Grand Jury investigation in this District involving your activities with others related to [Charges and Activities Here] [Statutes Here], as well as other possible violations of federal criminal laws. The United States is prepared to proceed before a Federal Grand Jury to seek charges against you.

Should you desire to discuss the matter with us before we proceed to bring formal charges against you, please have your attorney contact Assistant United States Attorney [Prosecutor Name Here] (813) 555-5555, so that we may schedule an appointment. If you do not have an attorney and would still like to discuss the matter, please contact Special Agent [Agent Name Here] at (813) 555-5555 to arrange an appointment. If we do not hear from you or your attorney on or before [Deadline Date], we shall assume that you do not wish to discuss the matter and will proceed accordingly.


Assistant United States Attorney

Email Subpoenas from a Federal Prosecutor

Understanding the Legal Landscape

In a significant ruling, one court has determined that a search warrant for email is unnecessary when a federal subpoena is issued. If you’ve received or your employer or business have been served such a subpoena, it’s crucial to understand the implications and act swiftly. Contact us now to protect your rights and get expert legal guidance.

Case Overview: United States v. Weaver

In the case of United States v. Weaver, the federal government issued a subpoena to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) seeking the contents of electronic communications as part of a cybercrime prosecution. Specifically, the government requested previously opened or sent emails that belonged to the defendant.

The ISP’s Initial Response

The ISP failed to produce emails stored for fewer than 181 days, prompting the government to file a motion to compel the production of the email content. The ISP argued that the requested information required a search warrant, not merely a subpoena.

The Court’s Ruling

The federal judge ruled that, under the Stored Communications Act (SCA), the ISP must comply with the government’s subpoena if the emails are held or maintained solely to provide the customer with storage or computer processing services. The court distinguished between different types of email storage, concluding that previously opened emails stored by the ISP for web-based email systems do not fall under “electronic storage” as defined by the Wiretap Act.

Key Legal Principles

Stored Communications Act (SCA)

The SCA plays a pivotal role in this case. It governs the voluntary and compelled disclosure of “stored wire and electronic communications and transactional records” held by third-party internet service providers. The court’s interpretation in this case emphasizes that the SCA can mandate compliance with a federal subpoena without the need for a search warrant if the conditions are met.

Wiretap Act

The court also referenced the Wiretap Act, which defines “electronic storage” as storage incidental to electronic transmission and for backup protection purposes. The ruling clarified that emails in web-based systems, once opened, do not meet this definition, thereby falling outside the protections that might otherwise require a search warrant.

Practical Implications for Defendants

If you find yourself subject to a federal subpoena for email content, the implications are profound. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Compliance Requirements: ISPs are obligated to comply with federal subpoenas under the SCA for certain types of stored emails, potentially without a search warrant.
  2. Legal Defenses: Understanding the distinctions in email storage types and the relevant legal frameworks can inform possible defenses or objections to such subpoenas.
  3. Urgent Response Needed: It’s critical to act quickly and consult with a knowledgeable attorney to navigate these complex legal waters.

When Federal Subpoenas Are Issued, We Can Help

Navigating the intricacies of federal subpoenas and the SCA requires specialized legal expertise. Our team is experienced in handling such cases and can provide the robust defense you need.

Expertise in Federal Criminal Defense

We specialize in federal criminal defense, with a deep understanding of the legal principles and precedents that govern these cases. Whether you’re dealing with cybercrime allegations or other federal charges, our expertise is crucial in defending your rights.

Strategic Legal Approaches

We employ strategic legal approaches tailored to each client’s unique situation. From challenging the scope of subpoenas to negotiating with federal prosecutors, we are committed to securing the best possible outcome.

Tampa Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re in the Tampa area and facing a federal subpoena for email content, our firm is here to help. Our seasoned attorneys have a track record of success in federal criminal defense cases, including those involving complex digital evidence.

Comprehensive Legal Support

We provide comprehensive legal support throughout the entire process, from responding to subpoenas to representing you in court. Our goal is to protect your rights and ensure that you receive a fair defense.

Call to Action

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today for a consultation and take the first step in protecting your future.


The case of United States v. Weaver highlights the significant legal nuances involved in federal subpoenas for email content. Understanding the Stored Communications Act and the Wiretap Act is essential for mounting an effective defense. With our expertise in federal criminal defense, we are prepared to help you navigate these challenges and protect your rights.

Final Call to Action

Facing a federal subpoena can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to face it alone. Contact our experienced team now to discuss your case and secure the strong legal representation you deserve. Early intervention is crucial in federal cases, and we are here to provide the guidance and support you need.

Source: United States v. Weaver, 2009 WL 2163478 (C.D. Ill. July 15, 2009).

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