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Client Review - Highly motivated and Very Knowledgeable

Highly motivated and Very Knowledgeable

Review - Glad to have him in my corner

Glad to have him in my corner

Casey Ebsary Review - Highly Recommended Advocate

Highly Recommended Advocate

Reviews -Thank You Casey Ebsary

Thank You

Review Law Office of W.F. "Casey" Ebsary Jr. Tampa

You Know and Do

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Review – He Worked Magic!

Review From Client Near Tampa, Florida

Here is a recent review from a Client on Google+  Sheri from Tampa:

“From the time I had Casey as my attorney, I was stressed more than ever in my life. Casey kept telling me to stop stressing that was his job to work out my case for my best.”

“I was potentionly looking at 15 years in prison! Casey defended me like I was his sister! I ended up getting probation with an officer I really liked and that was terminated early. So he made miracles happen for me and I will forever be grateful that I am not sitting in a prison missing my grandsons growing up! If you need to let go of your stress about a legal situation I highly recommend Casey for a defense attorney to assist you with miracle outcomes.”

My Reply

“Thank you so much for letting me help you and your family. I will never forget the times we spent fighting these serious charges. Be well and good luck with your bright future.”

- (5 star review)

They were compassionate, diligent in their work, and did their homework on my case.

Review From Out-of-State Arrest Warrant Client

Had I not found Casey and his team, I would have been extradited from Tennessee to Florida on a 25 year old warrant. Casey and his team got my charges dropped and the warrant cancelled. They were compassionate, diligent in their work, and did their homework on my case. If you need an attorney, Casey is AAA+++.

Jim M.

Law Office of W.F. ”Casey” Ebsary Jr
2102 W Cleveland St
Tampa, Florida 33606
(813) 222-2220
[email protected]

- (5 star review)

I count myself among the “lucky” to know him

DUI Client Review

“Casey” was like a savior to me. I had no idea what was going to happen after I got arrested for DUI – I knew it would not be good and might involve jail time. My primary concern was whether or not I would lose my license and for how long.

The level of professionalism I experienced with Mr. Ebsary was unsurpassed! He listened to the whole story, reviewed all the documentation and consulted with his colleges in the States Attorney’s office. Because a few very minor errors were made in processing me that night I was able to keep my driver’s license the whole time!

He explained everything that was going to happen and the options I had. He told me about the statistical chances that certain things might happen, but never promised or guaranteed any particular outcome. Casey seemed to take a personal interest in my case and in the welfare of my family and I felt comfortable that my case is the best hands that it could be in.
Ultimately, the charges were reduced to “reckless” and after taking a 2 day class and paying the associated court ordered fees – it was all over! What I imagined would be a nightmare that would haunt me forever was completely resolved in less than 10 months.

I cannot give Mr. W.F. “Casey” Ebsary a strong enough recommendation! He has become a valuable asset to my family by providing counsel to us in various legal aspects through the years. He may have started out strictly as my lawyer, but over time I have come to regard him as a friend as well.
Anyone who chooses Mr. W.F. “Casey” Ebsary to represent them in legal matters will undoubtedly come to feel the same way! He is a skilled attorney and a wonderful caring person and I count myself among the “lucky” to know him.


Superb Recommendation

Review from a Happy Client

Casey was very personable, qualified and caring . . . his work is the best. He will work with you until your case is resolved and really cares about clients and their cases.
You can’t find a better rep at any cost.


A Highly Skilled Lawyer and a Great Listener

Another Review – Case Dismissed – Stress Relieved

Thanks to Casey and his team, all three of my charges were dismissed in court today! Casey is not only a very gifted lawyer, but is also clearly in the business for the right reasons. Casey’s professionalism and experience was very reassuring to me, and made the whole order much less stressful.


Client Review Casey Ebsary - Professional



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Drug Crimes Defense Attorney Tampa Reviews


“Casey’s strong arguments during the hearing made all the difference …”
Written by: Google+ User
5.0 / 5 stars

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