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Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney Review
Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Over the years, I have handled hundreds, if not thousands, of cases. Sometimes these former clients say a kind word or two, and I thought I would share a few of those with you who are trying to decide on who can help with your current question or situation. I am so grateful for their allowing me to help.


Why Client Reviews Matter

When searching for an attorney, reviews and testimonials from previous clients can provide valuable insights into the lawyer’s effectiveness, professionalism, and approachability. These first-hand accounts help potential clients make informed decisions about who to trust with their legal issues.

Top Five Things to Consider When Hiring a Lawyer

ExperienceLook for an attorney with extensive experience in the specific area of law relevant to your case.
ReputationResearch the attorney’s reputation in the legal community and among past clients through reviews and ratings.
CommunicationEnsure the lawyer communicates clearly and promptly, keeping you informed about your case’s progress.
Fee StructureUnderstand the attorney’s fee structure and ensure it is transparent and reasonable for the services provided.
CompatibilityChoose a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable and confident in their ability to represent your interests effectively.

Benefits of Choosing W. F. Casey Ebsary Jr.

Proven Track Record

W. F. Casey Ebsary Jr. has successfully handled numerous cases, providing dedicated and personalized legal representation to each client. Whether you are facing criminal charges, dealing with business legalities, or navigating post-college legal issues, Casey Ebsary offers expert guidance and support.

Top Five Reasons to Select W. F. Casey Ebsary Jr.

  • Extensive Legal Knowledge: Casey Ebsary possesses deep expertise in various legal fields, ensuring comprehensive legal solutions.
  • Personalized Attention: Every client receives tailored legal advice and representation, ensuring their unique needs are met.
  • Strong Advocate: Casey is known for his vigorous defense and unwavering commitment to his clients’ best interests.
  • Transparent Fees: Clear and reasonable fee structures with no hidden costs, providing peace of mind and financial clarity.
  • Accessible and Approachable: Always available to address questions and concerns, making the legal process less intimidating.

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If you’re seeking reliable legal representation, call W. F. Casey Ebsary Jr. at 813-222-2220 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. We are here to help you navigate your legal challenges with confidence.

Read Reviews and Compare

Selecting the right attorney can significantly impact the outcome of your case. With extensive experience, a stellar reputation, and numerous satisfied clients, W. F. Casey Ebsary Jr. is a top choice for individuals and businesses in need of legal assistance. Don’t hesitate to reach out and see how we can help with your legal needs.

Call W. F. Casey Ebsary Jr. at 813-222-2220 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation today. Let us put our expertise to work for you. Choosing an attorney is a critical decision that should not be taken lightly. By considering experience, reputation, communication, fee structure, and compatibility, you can make a well-informed choice. Trust the positive reviews and testimonials from past clients and take the next step towards resolving your legal issues by contacting W. F. Casey Ebsary Jr.

Call W. F. Casey Ebsary Jr. at 813-222-2220 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. Your legal concerns deserve the best possible representation.

The Florida Bar News noted, “Rating sites like Lawyers.com, Avvo, and Yelp require reviewers to pledge honesty, but do little else. That’s frustrating for attorneys who, under most circumstances, are barred by ethical constraints from revealing information about a case without a client’s consent.”

Amazing service from a true professional litigator; Casey takes a genuine interest in his clients. The fees for his services are reasonable and i got the results I wanted. I recommend him with the utmost confidence. Casey's wealth of experience as a former prosecutor and defense attorney, has made him indispensable . A skillful and well connected barrister.

Brent Gargus

We called to get help with my father in law's 10 year old court case. During the consultation, Mr. Ebsary took it upon himself to look into the details and was able to make things way more clear for us. He was honest and straight to the point. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a good attorney!

David Grayzanic

He was amazing and he took care of everything , throughout the entire process, Casey remained professional, approachable, and responsive. He got my case dismissed 45 days before court date. He really is an outstanding lawyer. I cannot recommend Casey enough to anyone in need of a highly competent and reliable attorney.

Frank Guerra Mazara

Simply the BEST! Casey was hired to represent me in a DUI case. What elevates Casey to a higher level is he truly cares. Alot of lawyers might be able to claim that but he backed it up with outstanding case defense and due diligence. Not only did he win my case he also saved my career. I consider him a great man and friend for life. Do not hesitate in hiring this man.


I count myself among the "lucky" to know him "Casey" was like a savior to me. I had no idea what was going to happen after I got arrested for DUI - I knew it would not be good and might involve jail time. My primary concern was whether or not I would lose my license and for how long. The level of professionalism I experienced with Mr. Ebsary was unsurpassed! He listened to the whole story, reviewed all the documentation and consulted with his colleges in the States Attorney's office. Because a few very minor errors were made in processing me that night I was able to keep my driver’s license the whole time! He explained everything that was going to happen and the options I had. He told me about the statistical chances that certain things might happen, but never promised or guaranteed any particular outcome. Casey seemed to take a personal interest in my case and in the welfare of my family and I felt comfortable that my case is the best hands that it could be in. Ultimately, the charges were reduced to "reckless" and after taking a 2 day class and paying the associated court ordered fees - it was all over! What I imagined would be a nightmare that would haunt me forever was completely resolved in less than 10 months. I cannot give Mr. W.F. "Casey" Ebsary a strong enough recommendation! He has become a valuable asset to my family by providing counsel to us in various legal aspects through the years. He may have started out strictly as my lawyer, but over time I have come to regard him as a friend as well. Anyone who chooses Mr. W.F. "Casey" Ebsary to represent them in legal matters will undoubtedly come to feel the same way! He is a skilled attorney and a wonderful caring person and I count myself among the "lucky" to know him.


EXCELLENT! Attention to detail with every aspect of my case. Saved my life in every conceivable way possible. Has an incredible rapport with the judges, district attorneys, and everyone in the courtroom. Followed up personally with every request I have made. I'm not exactly sure how he does what he does, but he is in the business of making miracles.


Awesome! Mr. Ebsary is great. His response was second-to-none; he called me back within 15-minutes @ 12:15 p.m, on a Friday night to provide his superior legal advice. He suggested I call him the next day to follow-up with him regarding the advice he provided me. Very competent and well informed attorney. Thank you, Mr. Ebsary!

Bander Man

A Highly Skilled Lawyer and a Great Listener. Thanks to Casey and his team, all three of my charges were dismissed in court today! Casey is not only a very gifted lawyer, but is also clearly in the business for the right reasons. Casey's professionalism and experience was very reassuring to me, and made the whole order much less stressful.


Determined and talented lawyer. Handled my case with fluidity with his years of experience and know-how techniques. Glad to have had him in my corner, would recommend. Thanks again, Casey!

Chris Pal

I was placed under false arrest in a police misconduct incident. Casey's strong arguments during the hearing made all the difference and all three of my charges were dismissed. Casey is not only a very gifted lawyer, but is also clearly in the business for the right reasons. There is no way I could have done it without him and I would recommend him to anyone.

Christian Brown

Excellent Lawyer. Very Responsive. Reasonable price.

Chuck Calhoon

This man works wonders!!!called multiple times stressing and upset I needed him and he was there. I was facing real but bogus crimes and because of mr Casey my charges were DROPPED than DISMISSED!!!!! Mr Casey gets the job done no doubt very professional just an all around good person.. if he says “I GOT IT” trust me when I say it HE GOT YOU..don’t be discourage don’t be shy tap in with mr Casey and get them charges dropped!!! HE IS CHEAP!!!

Corrie Walker

I come to you highly recommending Casey for your civil infractions in the Tampa Bay area. I’ve recently moved to Florida and I was given a ticket for having an out of state license. My court information was sent to the incorrect address, which subsequently resulted in missing my court date. A warrant was sent out for my arrest and there was an accompanying bond set. Upon meeting Casey, he instilled the confidence in me that the job would be handled correctly. With Casey’s assistance and great rapport with local presiding court offices I was able to get the warrant retracted and a reassigned court date. Casey is very personable and knowledgeable.Without his help I would have lost time from work and possibly would have been incarcerated. Thank you so much!

D Riley

Casey is a very caring and helpful lawyer. If you have questions or concerns, he gets those questions answered in a timely manner. No waiting around wondering what’s happening.

Deana Hunt

First of all this attorney answers the phone. When you call he actually is on the phone talking to you. He is pleasant talk to and gets right to the business. He stays present in the moment, has the right attitude, I was actually very glad he helped me and he made my day.

Elliott Thompson

Loved our conversation l, straight shooter. Wish he could have helped my case

Jade Kennard

Casey is a very skilled and professional attorney. He knew how to handle the situation perfectly at a time where I was worried and stressed tremendously, and he told me not to worry. He answers any questions you might have and lets you know what the best strategy is moving forward. I highly recommend Casey as your defense attorney for any problems you might have.


The man knows everything and everybody and he goes to work for you. He turned a mountain into a molehill for me and his fees are way more than reasonable. Quite frankly he's low key the best criminal defense lawyer in the Bay Area and I'm extremely grateful for the job he did for me...twice.

JayRockSkee .Bibbles

Had I not found Casey and his team, I would have been extradited from Tennessee to Florida on a 25 year old warrant. Casey and his team got my charges dropped and the warrant cancelled. They were compassionate, diligent in their work, and did their homework on my case. If you need an attorney, Casey is AAA+++.

Jim Motter

Casey is a man of high integrity and a sincere compassion for his clients.

John R Morrow, DTM

Casey was wonderful. He did everything possible to guide and assist me through the DMV process. I appreciate your help, Casey! Thank you.

Julie Snyder

Awesome guy takes matter seriously and is certified to win.

Kyle Kern

Can’t thank him enough. Mr. Casey was 100% honest with me from the beginning with my case. And he got the job done. Very well recommended in the Tampa Bay Area!

Luis Pajaro

Highly recommended advocate.


Superb Recommendation Casey was very personable, qualified and caring. His rates are low , but his work is the best. He will work with you until your case is resolved and really cares about clients and their cases. You can't find a better rep at any cost.


This is the lawyer you want. Casey is a tough, savvy former prosecutor who answers his own phone and deals directly with you. He is very quick to grasp the nuances of your case-- he "gets it". Immediately. And you'll realize very quickly you're in very good hands. Cannot recommend him highly enough.

Matthew Delaney

As a Michigan drunk driving attorney, having fellow attorneys to help your clients when you're outside of your state is a must. I was fortunate to find Casey for one of my favorite clients. He really knows the Tampa Bay area well. If I was going to hire someone, that is what I am looking for. He gave me great information that saved my client time and money.

Matthew Norwood

A friend of mine got a DUI in Tampa Florida not too long and hired the law office of Casey Ebsary. Upon hearing his story he sounded really scared and nervous as to what was going to happen throughout the whole process. I remember him telling me the best qualities of Casey was the ability to keep him calm and collective and his reassurance that things would work out just fine. Another thing he mentioned that he would fight for his rights and give him the best results that he could ask for considering the potential severity of a DUI. He did not have to attend many of the hearings as Casey handled most of them and that gave him relief as he worked full time and had a family to take care of. On the last day of court Casey was able to get the DUI dropped and I can't tell you the relief that my friend had, because i was there to witness it He could not stop praising him and how he handled the whole entire process that went on for nearly one year. It was definitely a very unpleasant experience for him but in the end he found a very prestigious law practice firm in WF Casey Ebsary who fought all the way for his rights and the outcome was exactly as they planned it to be.

Mike, Byrd

Casey gave me phenomenal information and guidance in my time of need, I followed threw and all went well, Highest recommendation

Paul Capua

Mr. Ebsary is an inspired and determined lawyer that will help anyone he can. I highly recommend him. He genuinely cares about those he defends.

Pegi Emiliani

I know that I can always count on Casey for legal guidance on any matters that arise. I’m able to make better strategic decisions with the insight he provides as a very experienced and highly skilled lawyer. The great customer service makes the experience that much better. Highly recommended!

Ryan Hintze

Casey gave accurate and timely advice. He is an advocate for his client and works quickly to drive positive outcomes. Thanks, Casey!

Sarah Bosco

This is the guy you are looking for. Highly motivated and very knowledgeable. Literally saved my life. Looking forward to doing more business with him as I open this new chapter of my life.

Scott Cooke

I live in Lake County and got his number and left a message to call back and unlike others who never call back... HE DID!!! i had a bunch of questions in getting my husband back his license and he was the most helpful person!! thank you so much for taking time out of your day to call me back and help and then when i called back again, he answered and help me more!!! Youre a wonderful person and wonderful at what you know and do!! THANKS AGAIN!!!

Tiffany Samson

Extremely helpful and very professional. He answered all my questions precisely. I like the fact that he went the extra mile to confirm everything. I'm very happy I reached out to him. Thank you Casey for your help.

Tito Tito

I needed some counsel regarding some current as well as past legal issues. Casey took the time to talk with me then refer me to legal counsel in the area of Florida that I needed representation. I would highly recommend Casey, and if ever needed a lawyer in Tampa area he would be the first one I would call.

troy simmerson

Excellent attorney who cares about his clients My son was arrested and It was hard for me being over 1,000 miles away in Indiana and not being there to help him. Casey representing him and got him back on the PTI. He even went a step further and helped me get the okay to bring him back home to Indiana. I truly appreciate all that Casey did for us. He still keeps in touch to see how my son is doing. I depended on him and he came through for us.


Helping a Brother out... Mr. Ebsary Jr. provided me with good/free legal advice over the phone even when I informed him that .... 1. That I had already retained legal council and 2 I don't even live in the state of Florida. ( I live in the State of Montana) In my opinion he was just trying to help out his fellow man in a time of need regards of financial gain for himself. We need more people like this in the world.


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