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AV Top Rated Tampa Criminal DUI Attorney W F Casey Ebsary Jr
AV Top Rated Tampa Criminal DUI Attorney W F Casey Ebsary Jr

If you find yourself charged with a crime, the importance of retaining an experienced Tampa criminal defense attorney cannot be overstated. Immediate action is crucial as certain convictions come with mandatory minimum sentences, leaving no room for judicial discretion.

Your Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney

Casey the Lawyer, a Tampa criminal defense attorney with over two decades of expertise, specializes in navigating a spectrum of criminal cases, including drug crimes, violent offenses, theft crimes, white-collar crimes, and more. From pre-charge representation to efficient case dismissal, Casey is dedicated to helping clients move forward with their lives.

Criminal Defense Expertise

Defending Against All Charges

In the realm of criminal law, every charge must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt for a conviction. Don’t assume inevitability, but don’t passively wait for the prosecutor either. Early intervention can significantly influence the charges brought against you. Prosecutors may not offer plea deals voluntarily, and self-representation can lead to self-incrimination. Whether facing serious felony charges or misdemeanors, Casey, a seasoned Tampa Criminal Attorney in the Tampa Bay area, is your advocate.

Drug Crimes Defense

Drug offenses in Florida, especially trafficking, carry severe penalties upon conviction. The type of drug involved impacts potential sentences. Casey employs strategies such as challenging evidence acquisition methods, especially if it violates constitutional rights. Suppression of unlawfully obtained evidence can be a critical defense in drug crime cases.

From marijuana possession to heroin trafficking, drug crimes in Florida are treated with severity by prosecutors. The potential sentences vary based on the type and quantity of the substance involved. Casey the Lawyer understands the nuances of drug crime defense, leveraging more than two decades of experience to formulate strategic approaches.

Challenging the legality of evidence is a cornerstone of drug crime defense. If drugs were seized in violation of constitutional rights, Casey explores the possibility of filing a motion to suppress the evidence. This critical step can significantly impact the outcome of the case.

Violent Crimes Representation

Charges like robbery, aggravated battery, and assault in Florida result in serious penalties, including imprisonment, fines, and even the death penalty in capital cases. The elements to be proven vary, and a skilled attorney can challenge these elements to build a strong defense. Casey navigates cases with precision, ensuring a robust defense against violent crime charges.

From allegations of assault to homicide charges, violent crimes demand a strategic and aggressive defense. Casey the Lawyer understands the gravity of such charges and works diligently to uncover inconsistencies, challenge evidence, and build a compelling case for his clients.

Understanding the intricacies of violent crime statutes is crucial in formulating a solid defense. Whether it’s demonstrating lack of intent, disputing the alleged actions, or questioning the credibility of witnesses, Casey leverages his extensive experience to protect the rights of the accused.

Domestic Violence Advocacy

Domestic violence charges encompass various acts to control a partner or family member. Casey aids Tampa Bay residents facing felony or misdemeanor domestic violence charges. With an understanding of Florida Statute Section 741.28, Casey a highly-qualified Tampa criminal defense attorney formulates effective defenses to protect clients’ rights.

Domestic violence cases require a nuanced approach, considering the emotional complexities involved. Casey the Lawyer is committed to providing compassionate yet effective representation, understanding the unique challenges of domestic violence cases. From disputing allegations to seeking alternative resolutions, Casey advocates for the best interests of his clients.

Charges under Florida Statute Section 812.014 range from petit theft to grand theft, with degrees determined by the value of property involved. Casey’s expertise ensures a strategic defense, examining evidence and challenging the prosecutor’s case to achieve the best possible outcome for clients.

Theft crimes encompass a broad spectrum, from shoplifting to grand theft auto. Casey the Lawyer understands the varying degrees of theft charges and tailors his defense strategies accordingly. Whether it’s questioning the intent, challenging the evidence of ownership, or negotiating for reduced charges, Casey works tirelessly to protect his clients’ rights.

Understanding the nuances of theft statutes is crucial for a successful defense. Casey leverages his legal acumen to navigate the complexities of theft cases, seeking favorable outcomes for his clients through meticulous preparation and strategic advocacy.

Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney for White Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes, often nonviolent, involve deception, including fraud, embezzlement, and bribery. Enhanced penalties apply to specific white-collar felonies. Casey, a Clearwater criminal defense lawyer, delves into case nuances, developing tailored defense strategies based on individual circumstances.

White-collar crimes demand a sophisticated defense strategy that considers financial complexities, intricate transactions, and complex legal statutes. Casey the Lawyer possesses a deep understanding of white-collar offenses, leveraging his experience to dissect complex financial evidence and build compelling defenses.

Each white-collar crime case is unique, requiring a customized approach. Casey collaborates with financial experts, forensic accountants, and other professionals to build a comprehensive defense. From challenging the prosecution’s evidence to negotiating favorable plea deals, Casey tirelessly advocates for his clients’ interests.

DUI Defense by an Expert Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney

DUI charges in Florida, whether for exceeding the legal blood alcohol concentration or impairment, carry serious consequences. Casey navigates the complexities of DUI cases, providing effective defense strategies and minimizing penalties for first-time or repeat offenders.

DUI cases involve both legal and scientific intricacies, requiring a thorough understanding of testing procedures, field sobriety tests, and blood alcohol concentration analysis. Casey the Lawyer combines legal expertise with scientific knowledge to challenge DUI evidence and protect the rights of his clients.

Strategic negotiation is a key aspect of DUI defense. Casey explores opportunities for reduced charges, alternative sentencing, or even case dismissal based on procedural errors. With a proactive and comprehensive approach, Casey seeks to minimize the impact of DUI charges on his clients’ lives.

Probation Violation Representation

In Florida, probation is also called community supervision. It is not a right but is instead considered a grace given by the government in order to rehabilitate a person. Generally, if you are put on probation, you will need to keep in contact with a probation officer and follow detailed, specific conditions. Probation violations can be either technical or substantive. Technical violations are those in which you do not complete a probation condition, such as meeting with your probation officer. A substantive probation violation occurs if you commit a new violation of a law, such as stealing a car during the probationary period.

Probation violations pose significant challenges, requiring a strategic and assertive approach to protect the individual’s rights. Casey the Lawyer understands the intricacies of probation rules and regulations, providing effective representation to those facing technical or substantive violations.

Technical violations, such as missed appointments or failure to complete required programs, demand proactive defense strategies. Casey leverages his Tampa Criminal Attorney experience to address technical violations swiftly, minimizing their impact on the overall case.

Substantive probation violations, involving new criminal charges during the probationary period, require a thorough defense. Casey explores legal avenues to challenge the new charges, presenting compelling arguments to protect the individual from harsh consequences.

Consult with Casey the Lawyer – Your Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney in Tampa Bay

Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming, but a conviction is not inevitable. Consult Casey the Lawyer at (813) 222-2220 or complete our online form for a comprehensive and confidential consultation. With Casey’s expertise, you can navigate the legal complexities and work towards securing a favorable outcome for your case. Your future deserves experienced and dedicated criminal defense representation – trust Casey the Lawyer, a Tampa Criminal Attorney to protect your rights.

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Meet W.F. ''Casey''
Ebsary Jr

William F. "Casey" Ebsary, Jr. is a highly respected Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney and Trial Lawyer, renowned for his diverse legal expertise. He's a former Prosecutor with a rich background in high-stakes litigation. With an AV rating and recognition as a Super Lawyer, he exemplifies professional excellence.

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We called to get help with my father in law's 10 year old court case. During the consultation, Mr. Ebsary took it upon himself to look into the details and was able to make things way more clear for us. He was honest and...

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He was amazing and he took care of everything , throughout the entire process, Casey remained professional, approachable, and responsive. He got my case dismissed 45 days before court date. He really is an outstanding...

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