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Welcome to the Law Office of William F. “Casey” Ebsary, Jr. – Your Trusted Tampa Computer Crimes Attorney & Expert Trial Lawyer.

Are you facing legal challenges related to computer crimes, networks, or internet-related offenses in Florida? Look no further. William F. “Casey” Ebsary, Jr. is a distinguished Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney and Trial Lawyer, renowned for his diverse legal expertise and his strong background as a former Prosecutor. With an AV rating and recognition as a Super Lawyer, he exemplifies professional excellence. When it comes to computer crimes in Tampa, Casey Ebsary is the solution you need.

Tampa Computer Crimes Attorney

Casey Ebsary is your go-to Tampa computer crimes attorney, specializing in a wide range of computer-related offenses, including but not limited to theft of intellectual property, illicit viewing and distribution of prohibited materials, and drug cases arising out of the internet and computer networking. With his experience as a former Computer Crimes Prosecutor, Casey is well-versed in high-tech litigation in information systems, ensuring you receive expert guidance when dealing with complex legal matters.

Protecting Your Rights in Florida Courts

Digital documents and files are now a part of our daily lives, and we understand the unique challenges they present in legal proceedings. When a computer-related case lands in a Florida courtroom, Casey Ebsary and his team at CentralLaw.com are ready to assist. Our professionals are certified and experienced in providing computer forensic and electronic data discovery services to our clients. We know the importance of maintaining the appropriate legal chain of custody, and we’re well-equipped to assist you in all phases of electronic discovery and computer forensics.

Expertise in Computer Civil Litigation

In today’s digital age, computer civil litigation has become increasingly prevalent. Internet-related disputes and data breaches often lead to legal battles. As an experienced trial lawyer and in collaboration with certified computer forensics professionals, Casey Ebsary can help both clients and their attorneys navigate the complexities of civil litigation that involve computers. We use state-of-the-art technology, forensically sound procedures, and tools to ensure a thorough investigation and analysis. Casey has even been appointed as a Special Magistrate to assist courts in handling electronic discovery issues. Our commitment to maintaining a chain of legal custody ensures the integrity of all digital evidence.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual property theft is a growing concern in today’s interconnected world. Whether you’re dealing with issues related to former business partners, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), or state and federal law enforcement, we have the knowledge and expertise to protect your rights. We understand the importance of using state-of-the-art technologies and forensically sound procedures and tools to address intellectual property theft claims. When these issues bring a computer into the courtroom, our experienced legal and forensic computing team can expertly collect and analyze the evidence.

When Expertise Is Needed

When expertise is needed in computer civil litigation, computer crimes, or protecting your intellectual property in Florida’s State or Federal Courts, Casey Ebsary is the solution you can rely on. Call us today at (813) 222-2220 for a free initial consultation. If it’s more convenient for you, feel free to submit your request for help through our Call For Help web submission, and we’ll get back to you promptly via telephone or email.

With an impeccable track record and a strong commitment to upholding your rights, William F. “Casey” Ebsary, Jr. is here to provide expert guidance and representation in all matters related to computer crimes, computer civil litigation, and intellectual property protection. Trust our team to safeguard your interests and navigate the intricacies of technology-related legal issues. When a computer lands in a Florida courtroom, we know what to do.

Casey has expertise and experience in computer-related legal matters and understands the importance of protecting clients’ rights in the digital age.

How the Feds Get Information from Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become valuable sources of information for law enforcement agencies. These platforms store a wealth of data about their users, and the federal government has established procedures to obtain information from them for investigative purposes.


Facebook data is organized by user ID or group ID. The Feds use various data production methods described in Facebook’s Law Enforcement Guide. These methods include Neoprint, Photoprint, User Contact Info, Group Contact Info, and IP Logs. Facebook is often cooperative with emergency requests from law enforcement, allowing the Feds to claim urgency and expedite the information retrieval process.


MySpace is owned by Fox Interactive Media and was once one of the most popular social networks before being surpassed by Facebook. MySpace data is organized by Friend ID. A search warrant is typically required for private messages or bulletins that are less than 181 days old. MySpace retains IP logs indefinitely, and information for deleted accounts is kept for a year.


Twitter is a leading micro-blogging platform. Most Twitter content is public, but private messages are retained until the user deletes them. Twitter retains only the first login IP address. Twitter has a stated policy of producing data only in response to legal process.


The Feds use LinkedIn to identify experts and check the background of defense experts. The privacy model on LinkedIn is similar to Facebook. Profile information on LinkedIn is not checked for reliability.

Federated Identity Issues:

The Feds have noted an increase in federated identity schemes, such as OpenID and Facebook Connect, which allow users to log in across multiple platforms using a single set of credentials. These schemes create concerns about authenticating identity and attribution, especially when a user logs in using credentials from one platform to another.

Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policies:

Social networks have extensive terms of service and privacy policies. Most social networks permit emergency disclosures to law enforcement agencies and specify exceptions to respond to legal processes.

Criminal Penalties for Law Enforcement Officers:

The Privacy Protection Act (PPA) provides for criminal penalties against federal officials who willfully disclose a record in violation of the Act. This law is designed to protect the privacy of individuals’ records and information.

Busted on Social Media:

Social media platforms have been instrumental in law enforcement efforts, leading to the identification and prosecution of individuals involved in criminal activities. In some cases, gangs have used social media to taunt and intimidate witnesses. Social media monitoring and investigations have led to the arrest and conviction of individuals involved in criminal activities.

Instagram Hacking Case:

Hacking an Instagram account may not always constitute a computer crime in Florida. A court in Florida reversed the conviction of an individual who had logged into his ex-girlfriend’s Instagram account and posted explicit photos without her permission. The court ruled that Instagram did not fall within the statutory definitions of a “computer,” “computer system,” or “computer network” as required by Florida’s computer law.

Revenge Porn Statute:

The court highlighted a revenge porn statute in Florida that specifically prohibits the publication of sexually explicit images of a person on the Internet without their consent. This statute provides prosecutors with a legal tool to address revenge porn cases.

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We called to get help with my father in law's 10 year old court case. During the consultation, Mr. Ebsary took it upon himself to look into the details and was able to make things way more clear for us. He was honest and...

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