Over 100 Ways to Go to Jail for Fraud in Florida

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There are Over 100 Ways to Go to Jail for Fraud in Florida county criminal or circuit criminal courts. There are 112 to be exact. The penalties range from county jail to prison – from misdemeanors to felonies.

100 Ways to Go to Jail for Fraud in Florida

Fraud charges in the Tampa Bay area include Fraudulent Use Of Personal Information, Cheating,Obtaining Prescription Drugs By Fraud, Securities Fraud, Computer Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, and Money Laundering.

Some of these crimes can be resolved without a conviction for those who have no prior criminal record. Most fraud crimes can avoid a minimum mandatory jail or Florida State Prison sentence. Below is a list of the fraud crimes compiled by a fraud defense attorney and the charges in this list are used in many Florida counties, including Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida.

Florida Fraud Criminal Charge List | Tampa | Hillsborough County

Form CodeStatuteLevelDegreeCharge Description
Frau0011817.32.Misd2ndFraudulent Operation Of Coin Operated Device
Frau1001414.39.1abFel3rdWelfare Fraud Over 200 Dollars
Frau1051414.39.1abMisd1stWelfare Fraud Less Than 200 Dollars
Frau1077414.39.4aFel3rdWelfare Fraud By Service Provider 200 Dollars
Frau1101414.39.2Fel3rdFood Stamp Fraud 200 Dollars Or More
Frau1155475.42.4dMisd2ndUnlawful Real Estate Commission
Frau1160409.920.2aFel3rdMedicaid Fraud False Claim
Frau1165409.920.2bFel3rdMedicaid Fraud Unauthorized Claim
Frau1171817.568.2aFel3rdFraudulent Use Of Personal Information
Frau1173817.568.2b4cFel1stFraudulent Use Of Personal Information Over $7
Frau1173817.568.2b4cFel1stFraudulent Use Of Personal Information Over $7
Frau1177817.568.8bFel2ndFraudulent Use Of Personal Information Of The
Frau1178817.568.8cFel1stFraudulent Use Of Personal Information Of The
Frau1179817.568.8aFel3rdFraudulent Use Of Personal Information Of The
Frau1185817.568.7Fel2ndFraudulent Use Of Personal Information By Pare
Frau1250382.026.3Fel3rdFalse Or Fraudulent Use Of Vital Statistics Ce
Frau2000443.071.1Fel3rdUnemployment Compensation Fraud
Frau2017440.105.4b1Fel1stWorkers Compensation Fraud False Statement To
Frau2018440.105.4b1Fel2ndWorkers Compensation Fraud False Statement To
Frau2019440.105.4b!Fel3rdWorkers Compensation Fraud False Statement To
Frau2022440.105.4b2Fel3rdWorkers Comp Fraud False Statmnt Claim <20,000
Frau2028440.105.4b5Fel3rdWorkers Comp Fraud False Ins Info <$20,000
Frau2029440.105.4b8Fel1stWorkers Comp Fraud Viol Stop Work Order > $100
Frau2044440.105.4a3Fel3rdWorkers Compensation Fraud Failure To Secure
Frau2045440.105.4a3Fel2ndWorkers Compensation Fraud Failure To Secure
Frau2053496.415.5Fel3rdSolicitation Of Funds By False Statement
Frau2057499.005.23Misd2ndObtaining Prescription Drug By Fraud
Frau2060494.0025.3Fel3rdUnlicensed Mortgage Broker
Frau2062494.0025.4bFel3rdFraudulent Mortgage Transaction
Frau2070517.301.Fel1stSecurities Fraud
Frau2072494.0025.4aFel3rdScheme To Defraud In Mortgage Transaction
Frau2076496.415.2Fel3rdFiling False Information With Department Of Ag
Frau3000817.61.Fel3rdFraudulent Use Of Credit Card Over $100
Frau3001817.62.1Fel3rdCredit Card Fraud By Service Provider 300 Doll
Frau3002817.62.1Misd1stCredit Card Fraud By Service Provider Less 300
Frau3003817.61.Fel3rdFraudulent Use Of Credit Card More Than Twice
Frau3004817.62.3aFel3rdFactoring Credit Card Transactions
Frau3005817.61.Fel3rdFraudulent Use Of Credit Card Forgery More
Frau3006817.61.Misd1stFraudulent Use Of Credit Card Forgery
Frau3009817.611.Fel2ndTrafficking In Counterfeit Credit Cards
Frau3010817.03.Misd1stFalse Statement To Obtain Property On Credit
Frau3011817.021.Fel3rdObtain Seaport Security Id Card By Fraud
Frau3015817.061.Misd2ndMisleading Solicitation Of Payments
Frau3020817.61.Misd1stFraudulent Use Of Credit Card Less Than $100
Frau3025817.625.2a1Fel3rdFraudulent Use Of A Scanning Device Of A Payment
Frau3030817.481.1Fel3rdUnauthorized Use Of Credit Card Over 300 Dolla
Frau3040817.481.1Misd2ndUnauthorized Use Of Credit Card Under 300 Doll
Frau3050817.481.1Fel3rdUse Of False Credit Card Number Over 300 Dolla
Frau3060817.481.1Misd2ndUse Of False Credit Card Number Under 300 Doll
Frau3090817.59.Misd1stFalse Statement To Obtain Credit Card
Frau3095817.631.Fel3rdCredit Card Making Equipment
Frau3997817.2341.A11cFel1stFraudulent Insurance Claim $100,000 Or More
Frau3998817.2341.A11bFel2ndFraudulent Insurance Claim $20,000 Or More, B
Frau3999817.2341.A11aFel3rdFraudulent Insurance Claim Less Than $20,000
Frau4000817.234.1aFel3rdFraudulent Insurance Claim
Frau4004817.234.1a3Fel3rdFraudulent Insurance Application
Frau4005817.51.Misd2ndObtaining Retail Products With Intent To Defraud
Frau4007817.234.8bFel3rdSoliciting Motor Vehicle Tort Claims Within 60
Frau4010817.705.3Fel3rdCredit Service Organization Fraud
Frau4015817.234.9Fel2ndParticipation In Staged Motor Vehicle Crash
Frau4020817.236.Fel3rdFalse Motor Vehicle Insurance Application
Frau4030817.2361.Fel3rdFalse Or Fraudulent Proof Of Motor Vehicle Ins
Frau4060817.037.Misd2ndFraudulent Refunds
Frau5000713.58.Misd2ndRemoval Of Property Under Lien
Frau5001713.76.3Misd1stFailure To Return Property Under Lien
Frau5050818.01.Misd1stDisposing Of Property Under Lien
Frau5150494.093.3bFel3rdMortgage Brokerage Fraud
Frau5160817.54.Fel3rdObtain Mortgage Note By False Representation
Frau5204713.345.1ab2Fel2ndMisapplication Of Construction Funds More Tha
Frau5415501.623.3Fel3rdTelemarketing Without A License
Frau5505817.482.2Fel3rdPoss Of Device To Dup Telecommunication Sounds
Frau6000687.071.3Fel3rdCriminal Usury Loan Sharking
Frau6050687.141.1Fel3rdAssess Collect Advance Fee From Borrower
Frau7000817.034.4a1Fel1stOrganized Fraud Over 50000 Dollars
Frau7050817.034.4a2Fel2ndOrganized Fraud 20000 To 50000 Dollars
Frau7100817.034.4a3Fel3rdOrganized Fraud Less Than 20000
Frau7150817.034.4b1Fel3rdCommunications Fraud Over 300 Dollars
Frau7200817.034.4b2Misd1stCommunications Fraud Under 300 Dollars
Frau7300817.15.Fel3rdMaking False Entry On Corporate Books
Frau7600655.0322.3aFel3rdFraudulent Receipt Of Property
Frau7601655.0322.3bFel3rdMisappropriation Of Bank Funds
Frau7602655.0322.3cFel3rdUnauthorized Actions
Frau7606655.0322.5Fel2ndFalse Statement Credit
Frau7607655.0322.6Fel2ndScheme To Defraud Financial Institution
Frau7610658.78.Fel3rdBank Fraud
Frau7620817.03.Misd1stFalse Statement Audit
Frau7630817.05.Misd1stFalse Statement To Merchants As To Financial
Frau7640817.16.Fel3rdFalse Reports Financial Institutiion
Frau7650934.43.1Fel3rdCriminal Disclosure
Frau7656817.505.1a 4Fel3rdPatient Brokering Induce Referral Of Patients
Frau8050117.105.Fel3rdFraudulent Notarization
Frau9000517.301.Fel3rdFraudulent Securities Transactions
Frau9050501.055.Misd1stHome Solicitation Without Permit
Frau9051501.055.Misd1stHome Solicitation With Invalid Permit
Frau9052501.055.Misd1stFalse Application For Home Solicitation Permit
Frau9054501.031.Misd1stHome Solicitation Without Written Agreement
Frau9060421.101.Misd2ndFalse Statements To Obtain Lower Rent
Frau9072817.645.Misd1stAlteration Of Credit Card Invoice
Frau9091212.14.3Misd1stFailure To File Sales Tax Return
Frau9092212.13.2Misd1stFailure To Maintain Tangible Personal Prop Rpt
Frau9093817.5615.2bMisd1stPossessing Optical Disc With Altered Identific
Frau9094210.18.6bFel3rdPossess Unstamped Cigarettes
Frau9095210.18.1Misd1stSale Of Untaxed Cigarettes
Frau9097896.101.2aFel2ndUnlawful Financial Transaction
Frau9100896.104.4a1Fel3rdStructuring Transactions To Evade Reporting Or
Frau9105896.104.4a2Fel2ndStructuring Transactions To Evade Reporting Or
Frau9109896.101.3b15Fel1stTransport Funds To Promote Unlawful Activity
Frau9110896.1013.5cFel1stMoney Laundering $100000 Or More
Frau9111896.101.35bFel2ndMoney Laundering $20 000 – $100 000
Frau9112896.101.35aFel3rdMoney Laundering $300 To $20000

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