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Drug Crimes Stories From Google+ 2 Million Views and Over a 1000 Followers Can’t Be Wrong.

Drug Crimes Stories From Google+ 2 Million Views and over a 1000 Followers Cant be Wrong.
Drug Crimes Stories From Google+

Video – Florida Growhouse Shoot Em Up

Shoot Out at a Florida Growhouse Florida Growhouse Video Shoot Out Shots Fired at 15 seconds and video ends with smoke detector alert. Florida Growhouse Shoot Out video just obtained by Florida Drug Crimes Lawyer W.F. “Casey” Ebsary, Jr.

Video – Florida Growhouse Shoot Em Up
Video – Florida Growhouse Shoot Em Up

Traffic Stop for License Plate Frame?

Driver was stopped by an officer because the words “MyFlorida.com” were obscured by a tag frame. The officer later found drugs in the car and the driver was charged with a narcotics offense. #Oops #IFeelSafer. tampabay.com/florida-politics/buzz/2018/05/09/dont-hide-the-letters-on-your-florida-license-plate-with-a-frame/


Is the Lie Detector Admissible in Federal Court?

In law school and on the street everyone knows that lie detectors are not admissible in court. Wrong!

Lie Detectors in Court are expanding use in Florida again. Some courts are allowing use in testing registered sex offenders & predators as a requirement of sex offender probation and monitoring.

Photographer Arrested for Recording Drug Bust on Video

Can the #police arrest a citizen reporter recording police actions on a city street? What do you think? #CopsGoneWild

Drug Bust on Video | Photographer Arrested

Drug Bust on Video | Photographer Arrested

Doggie Delayed is Justice Denied?

This guy was driving on I-75 in Alachua County near Gainesville Florida home of the Florida Gators. The cop claimed he had cut off a truck, perform a traffic stop, and then called for a drug dog. This case has the shortest delay I have ever seen in any drug dog case.

The Case of the Mysterious Marijuana Delivery from UPS and The Party Animal.

One guy had a hairstyle that was described as being like Popeye with a pipe painted green in his mouth. The cop said that that was consistent with a person who was waiting for a marijuana delivery and detained him. Court ruled even a “pot-smoking sailor hair design” is not enough to save this bust.


Mysterious Marijuana Delivery from UPS and The Party Animal

Can You Legally Grow Your Own Weed in Florida?

“The court also finds … that the Florida Department of Health has been, and continues to be non-compliant with the Florida constitutional requirements,” the judge added, referring to the constitutional amendment approved by voters in 2016 that made medical marijuana legal.

Lie Detectors in Florida Courts

A crew member of a ship claimed he did not know drugs were on board the ship. He was indicted in the Middle District of Florida’s Tampa Division. They indict them all, let the jury sort them out indictment charged many aboard with knowing the ship had drugs on board. This is not a rare claim where smugglers tend to minimize the need to know that 10-100 million dollars of cocaine is on board the vessel. Judge says let them use the polygraph.

Can a Student Lose Financial Aid for the Possession or Sale of Illegal Drugs That Occurred While Receiving Federal Student Aid?


Student Drug Conviction

Can Drug Charges Destroy Opportunities for Student Financial Aid?

Defense Attorneys Arrested During Defense of Client

Suge Knight attorneys arrested Thursday on warrants alleging they were accessories after the fact to a felony, authorities said, without disclosing what the felony was or what they are believed to have done. #SugeKnight #CopsGoneWild

Win in early Round in Legal Fight to Grow Own Marijuana

“I think this is a huge step forward for patients in need of this critical medicine,” Luke Lirot, the attorney who argued the case Dec. 20, said in a statement. #mmj #florida #growyourown #CannabisCommunity


Joe Redner wins an early round in his legal fight to grow his own marijuana

Shocking Stats on #Fentanyl #Deaths in #Florida Download Report.

Total drug-related deaths increased by 22 percent (2,126 more).

5,725 opioid-related deaths were reported, which is a 35 percent increase (1,483 more). The opioids were identified as either the cause of death or merely present in the decedent.

6,658 (24 percent more) individuals died with one or more prescription drugs in their system. The drugs were identified as either the cause of death or merely present in the decedent. These drugs may have also been mixed with illicit drugs and/or alcohol.

3,550 (40 percent more) individuals died with at least one prescription drug in their system that was identified as the cause of death. These drugs may have been mixed with other prescription drugs, illicit drugs, and/or alcohol.

#HowTo Determine Weight of a Mixture in #DrugCrimes? One Court Just Changed the Rules

Breaking bad

Mugshots Are Big Business

Even the Tampa Bay Times, which prominently displays its Pulitzer Prize tally (12), and is behind such upstanding journalistic institutions as Poynter Institute, compiles them alongside a detailed list of physical attributes — gender, height, weight and so on. The images vanish after 60 days from a section that clocks nearly one million views a month, said the paper’s editor, Neil Brown. While he put the site’s news value at the “lowest possible level,” he said that such eyeball grabbing schemes aren’t unusual. “The slippery slope of being a purist is that there’s all kinds of stuff on news sites all over the county that is there for the interest of the audience,” he said. “I don’t think sanctimony over it is entirely well placed — though I don’t begrudge anyone their sanctimony.”



Mug shot


Cop Caught Planting Drugs

#CopsGoneWild The officer’s alleged trickery was revealed by the fact that his body cam retained footage for 30 seconds before it was activated to begin recording. During that time, according to the footage and the Baltimore public defender’s office, Officer Richard Pinheiro puts a bag of pills in a can in an alley and walks out of the alley.

The Axon cam’s initial 30 seconds of footage, by default, doesn’t have sound. After 30 seconds, viewers of the video can both see and hear the officer looking for drugs in the alley. Lo and behold, he finds them in the same soup can that he placed them in, according to the footage, which was released Wednesday. Pinheiro can then be heard yelling “yo” to his fellow officers, telling them he found drugs in the alley.

Cop’s body cam films him planting drugs—he obviously didn’t know it was recording


Police to Take More Cash from Americans

In 2014, federal law enforcement officers took more property from citizens than burglars did. State and local authorities seized untold millions more.



Bad Cops and Bad Cases

The majority of the 41 dropped cases are drug-related, but charges of resisting law enforcement, battery or assault and three gun charges have also been dropped so far this year. #CopsGoneWild


State attorney drops 41 cases over officers’ issues

Police Car


Restrictions on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Another #Florida limit on #marijuanalaws #mmj


Pasco limits number of medical marijuana dispensers to two

Bring a Taser to a Gunfight?

Free Legal Advice – Don’t Bring a Taser to a Gunfight at a Growhouse

Growhouse Weekend Score Update

Assault Rifle 2
Taser 0

What Happens When you Bring a Taser to a Gunfight?

You lose. Two guys from South Florida planned on breaking into a Tampa grow house using a couple of tasers. The would-be grow house invaders thought they would sneak around to the back and kick in the back door.

Bad move: the occupant(s) were waiting locked and loaded.

Don’t Bring a Taser to a Gunfight at a Growhouse


Florida Court Reverses Constructive Possession of Drugs Conviction

Constructive Possession of Drugs in Florida


Florida Drug Dog Sniff Case Overturned

#dog #dogs #gooddog #baddog

Another Florida Drug Dog Sniff Case Overturned

Drug dog

Complete List of Florida Controlled Substances

Ultimate #Complete #List of #Illegal #Drugs in #LoveFL

Drug dictionary

Is There a Marijuana Grow House in Your Neighborhood?

Probably YES. Another Weed Growing Operation was Raided in a quiet Florida residential neighborhood

#cannabiscommunity, #cannabislaws, #marijuana, #norml


Is there a marijuana grow house in your neighborhood?

What Happens When a Suspect Throws Drugs Away and the Cops Find Them?

Where drug crime defendants / suspects throw drugs under their vehicles while being removed from the vehicle after a valid traffic stop, a court can rule that the suspect has “voluntarily abandoned” the drugs. A Florida Court has just ruled there was reasonable suspicion to justify a pat down where there was a traffic stop, the target appeared nervous, could not answer some of the officer’s questions, had made a sudden U-turn into an oncoming traffic lane, and then parked facing the wrong direction just prior to the stop. The cop testified that the suspect had a pen clenched in his hand and the officer to believed it could be used as a weapon.

Drug Crimes Question Answer 4th Amendment
Drug Crimes Question Answer 4th Amendment

“Inevitable discovery is a recognized exception to the exclusionary rule and requires the State to establish that “the evidence would have inevitably been discovered in the course of a legitimate investigation.” Moody v. State, 842 So. 2d 754, 759 (Fla. 2003). See also Nix v. Williams, 467 U.S. 431, 444 (1984) (recognizing and adopting the inevitable discovery exception to the exclusionary rule, and holding that the exclusionary rule should not apply if “the prosecution can establish by a preponderance of the evidence that the information ultimately or inevitably would have been discovered by lawful means”).

#PatDown InevitableDiscovery #Abandonment #TrafficStop #4thAmendment, #FourthAmendment #StopFrisk

What happens when a suspect throws drugs away and the cops find them?

Tweet Looking for Drugs Answered by Sarasota Police

FREE ADVICE: #DontDontDoThis “Who’s in Sarasota and has weed?” Sarasota police quickly responded with a tweet of their own: “If you’d like to stop by our headquarters, our narcotics detectives would be more than happy to talk.”

#CannabisCommunity #CannabisLaws #Weed

Why America Can’t Quit the Drug War

Despite strides toward a more sane national drug policy, the deeper infrastructure of the War on Drugs remains fundamentally unaltered.

rollingstone.com/politics/newWhy America Can’t Quit the Drug Wars/why-america-cant-quit-the-drug-war-20160505#ixzz47uGB1UdY


Orlando Florida Marijuana Decriminalization Cannabis Ordinance

#MickeyMouse joins the ranks.

Florida Marijuana Decriminalization – Orlando Florida Cannabis Ordinance


Tampa Cannabis Decriminalized Ordinance

Map of #Cannabis Ordinance Violations in #Tampa #CannabisCommunity #CannabisLaw Tampa targeting vehicle traffic stops #Cannabis citations.

Tampa Cannabis Decriminalized – Complete Text of Tampa Cannabis Ordinance


Weedman Arrested Again

#BreakingNews Weedman has been arrested again on marijuana charges after law enforcement raided his restaurant and cannabis temple.

#WeedMan #CannabisLaws #CannabisCommunity


Marijuana advocate dubbed NJ Weedman arrested again, for pot


St Petersburg, Florida Marijuana Civil Citation Program

St Petersburg, Florida is next in line to decriminalize cannabis.


St Petersburg, Florida Marijuana Civil Citation Program

Complete Text of  Tampa Cannabis Ordinance

The City of Tampa Florida, has just passed an ordinance decriminalizing possession of cannabis (less than 20 grams). Hash oil and derivatives are still felonies. The complete text of the new cannabis ordinance is below. The short version: Fines;  For a firs…

Tampa Cannabis Decriminalized – Complete Text of Tampa Cannabis Ordinance


Possession of a Controlled Substance –  One of over 1500 ways to land in Tampa, Florida’s Hillsborough County Jail

This is the 11th on the list of over 1500 ways to land in Tampa, Florida’s Hillsborough County Jail. Possession of a Controlled Substance is a Third Degree Felony that can be punished by 5 years in the Florida State Prison. Here is a summary of the rather obscure names for drugs under the Florida Controlled Substances laws. We call it our Florida Drug Name Online Dictionary.



Seatbelt Ticket Becomes a Felony

Supreme Court cases have held that a traffic stop “can become unlawful if it is prolonged beyond the time reasonably required to complete the mission” of issuing a ticket . . . . “In this case, the officer abandoned his reason for the traffic stop (writing the seatbelt citation) and instead chose to conduct the sniff of Defendant’s vehicle.  Once the officer decided against writing the citation, the purpose for the stop was complete and the justification for the stop was no longer valid.”

Dog Sniff Drug Dog Oxycodone Trafficking Conviction Reversed

Drug Dog

Dog Sniff Drug Dog Oxycodone Trafficking Conviction Reversed

What Happens in a Typical Constructive of Possession of Cocaine Case in Florida?

The conviction of one of multiple occupants of a vehicle was reversed, even though “this case does present circumstances that could be interpreted as incriminating, those circumstances can also be construed as being consistent with . . . innocence.”

Drug Crime

Constructive Possession of Cocaine in Florida – Conviction Tossed

Get Tased and Waive Your Rights

You have the right to …. get blasted with a taser and waive your rights. “[S]uspects’ brains are briefly scrambled when they are on the receiving end of a Taser stun gun and its 50,000-volt delivery.”


Study: Suspects shocked by Taser “more likely” to waive Miranda Rights | Ars Technica



How to Make Money at Home

How to make a living as a chemist. #Fentanyl “is one of the most potent opiates in human history — 100 times more powerful than morphine, and 50 times stronger than heroin alone. It is now flooding the streets as an addictive recreational drug, adding a terrifying turn to the worst narcotics epidemic in American history.” #WW #WalterWhite  #BreakingBad #HomeTalkTuesday

The Walter White of Wichita


Drugs, DUI, and Chemical Testing

Just completed an interesting afternoon with a doctor in seminar on drugs and testing and impairment of drivers.



Drug DUI and Cannabis in the Courts

Cops Walk in House With No Warrant

Treasure Island, Florida has become a hotbed of the methamphetamine world. So while on patrol, a cop saw an open door with mail on the floor near the mail slot. The decision was made to enter the home and make sure everyone was alright. Of course, while there, why not search the house and find some meth. Court says adios to this one.

Drug conviction

Methamphetamine Case Tossed – Open Door and the Community Caretaker Function

Top 50 Ways to Go to Jail

Many of the Top 10 ways to go to jail in Tampa, Florida are drug crimes. By the way there are 1656 ways to end up in the Hillsborough County Jail.

Definitive List of Florida  Drug Crimes.


250 Types of Drug Crimes

How Were Medical Marijuana Nurseries Chosen in Florida

A Hillsborough County business has challenged the issuance of medical marijuana nursery licenses in Florida. #CannabisCommunity


How were Medical Marijuana Nurseries Chosen in Florida? Medical Marijuana on Trial in Hillsborough County Florida

Florida Medical Marijuana Legal Advice – How To

Can a lawyer advise a client about Medical Marijuana without Violating Bar Rules?

#HowTo #CannabisCommunity

Drug to Go

Medical Marijuana Legal Advice – Can a lawyer advise a client about using the drug or operating such a business without running afoul of the Bar?

Medical Marijuana Back on 2016 Ballot in Florida

“We therefore approve the proposed amendment and Financial Impact Statement for placement on the ballot.” said Florida’s Highest Court.

Drug to go

Medical Marijuana on Florida Ballot in 2016 Says the Supreme Court

Cannabis Reform in St Petersburg, Pinellas County Florida

Intervention and a second chance seems to be a more productive solution than parading them through jail and saddling them with arrest records. #cannabiscommunity

” In other words, intervention and a second chance seems to be a more productive solution than parading them through jail and saddling them with arrest records.”


Is a Search Warrant Required for a Grow Room in a House?

Get a warrant, copper. Even though Bail Bondsman Opened a Grow Room Door and then Called the Cops.


Get a Search Warrant for Grow Room says Florida Supreme Court

How to Beat a Drug Dog Search?

How to Beat a Drug Dog Search? What Does the Supreme Court say about Threats of a Drug Dog Search?  Traffic cops and sometimes other law enforcement try to scare citizens by threatening to call in a dog, if they do not consent to a search.

Drug Dog

How to Beat a Drug Dog Search?

How Accurate Must a Drug Sniffing Dog Be?

Drug Sniffing Dog Accuracy How accurate must a drug sniffing dog be? Courts have frequently addressed drug dogs and drug dog training to evaluate whether the indication of drugs during a walk-around is sufficient to justify a complete search. Some Judges have expressed concern, but convictions are supported even where, “overall accuracy rate in the field (i.e., the number of times he alerts and his human handler finds drugs) is not much better than a coin flip (59.5%).

Drug Dog

Drug Sniffing Dog Accuracy Update

Motion to Suppress

Appeals court ruled that the defendant’s actions in answering questions and producing bag of marijuana for officers were not voluntary.

Drug to Go

Marijuana Motion to Suppress

Drug Court Pre Trial Intervention in Florida

To avoid a conviction in the Drug Court system someone must:

1. Not have a prior felony conviction in the State of Florida or any other location;

2. Agree they have a substance abuse and or addiction problem;

3. Be able to comply with the programs requirements & rules;

4. Have your own transportation in order to attend your appointments

5. Be approved by the State Attorney’s Office, the Department of Corrections, Drug Pre-Trial Intervention and DACCO (treatment agency)

Drug Court Pre Trial Intervention in Florida

The First Fab Five Growers of Florida Marijuana

Florida just announced the first five licensed marijuana growers in Florida. Here is the list . . .

First Fab Five Growers of Florida Marijuana
Marijuana Growers Florida

Marijuana Growers in Florida – The First Fab Five

Can a Florida Drug Overdose Grant Immunity From Criminal Prosecution?

Usually the answer is “no” However, one recent case involved a victim who was found to be impaired, but not overdosed from heroin. The cop noticed the patient had signs of intoxication that included bloodshot eyes, rambling speech, and swaying. Usually, A person who experiences a drug-related overdose and is in need of medical assistance may not be charged, prosecuted, or penalized pursuant to this chapter for possession of a controlled substance if the evidence for possession of a controlled substance was obtained as a result of the overdose and the need for medical assistance.

Can a Florida Drug Overdose Grant Immunity From Criminal Prosecution?
Drug Book Cover

Drug Crimes: The People’s Guide to Fighting Like an Expert

Working on first author’s proof for first publication. Drug Crimes Book is nearing completion. Here is a draft of the Table of Contents.


Introduction: Do You Need a Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer? 6
Vehicle Seizures and Forfeitures 7
Anonymous Tips 7
Traffic Stop by Non Law Enforcement 17
Video Recording of Police Encounters 19
Failure to Follow Proper Procedures 20
The Arrest 21
Targeting Neighborhoods 21
The Field Test for Drugs 21
What About Miranda Rights? 21
Witnesses Required For Court 26
Presumptive Field Testing of Drugs 26
The Driver’s License 27
Florida Drug Crimes License Suspension 27
Summary of Florida Drug Crimes License Suspension Laws 28
Consequences of a Drug Conviction 30
The Court 32
Florida Standard Jury Instruction for Possession and Trafficking in Drugs 32
Jury Trial Victories 33
Acquittal of a Drug Charges 33
The Impact of a Drug Crimes Conviction 36
Vehicle Impounded 36
First Time Drug Crime Penalties 38
Second Time Drug Crime Penalties 39
How to Go to Jail 39
Third time Drug Crime Penalties 40
How to Get a Felony Drug Crime Conviction 40
Drug Court and Avoiding a Conviction 40
Notes 41

Help for Veterans in Veteran’s Treatment Court VTC

Good news for veterans in trouble in Tampa.

Veterans Court – Tampa – Hillsborough County, Florida

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