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University of Tampa Student Criminal Defense Help

University of Tampa Student Criminal Defense Help
University of Tampa Student Criminal Defense Help is available to prepare for disciplinary proceedings. In fact I just spent to day helping a student. Initially, the University does not allow counsel to appear, but we still can help prepare a strategy. The deadlines to respond to these proceedings are tight. The criminal charges that cause the University to take action may not even have been filed.
The Notice of action by the University of Tampa’s administration may come in the form of an email that reads:
You have been charged with a violation of University policy.  During your scheduled pre-hearing, you will receive a copy of the Incident Report Form which describes the alleged violation(s).  We would recommend you review the relevant articles of the code of conduct outlined below. . . .
This interview is mandatory whether you plan to state that you are responsible or not responsible for the violation.  Failure to attend the schedule appointment will result in an automatic $50 fine and will be considered an indication that (a) you do not wish the benefit of a hearing, (b) you are responsible for all charges, and (c) you will accept sanctions as imposed by the hearing officer.  Students who miss their appointments without prior notice will not be rescheduled.
During this interview, you will be advised of the disciplinary process.  If the report is accurate and you take responsibility for your actions, your case will not go before a student conduct board unless the hearing officer deems it necessary.  If you believe you are not responsible for the violation or if a hearing officer believes it is necessary for you to appear before a student conduct board, s/he will schedule your hearing for the next available date.
Prior to your pre-hearing, please review the student rights and responsibilities found at 
Fake ID’s are a concern of the University of Tampa, whether they are used on or off campus. Here is an excerpt from the University’s rules:
A. All students are expected to correctly identify themselves at all times and present this information courteously upon request by a University official or by a law enforcement officer.




B. A University I.D. card is to be used only by its owner. This card may not be loaned, sold, fabricated, altered or transferred.



C. The possession, use, manufacture or sale of falsified government issued or altered identification cards are strictly prohibited. The state of Florida considers the possession and use of fake identification cards as felony offenses.


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