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Employers are regulated by state and federal laws to provide workers with a safe working environment, safety equipment and more. In addition, they cannot retaliate against a worker who complains about work conditions, harassment or unsafe procedures. If a worker becomes injured while working, or at the workplace, there are legal options available under personal injury law for being compensated for injury-related expenses.

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Many Tampa, FL, area workers bring their workplace injury cases to the Law Office of W.F. “Casey” Ebsary Jr. He is very experienced with helping clients solve their personal injury issues, and many clients are referred to his office by others he has represented in the past. Being injured on the job presents several financial problems to workers. An injury may prevent them from continuing to work at their present job, either temporarily or permanently. Other costs may include:

  • Medical care bills
  • Hospitalization
  • Rehabilitation
  • Special Equipment

If an injury is severe, as may be the case when a worker falls from great heights, they may have permanent disability or die. The immediate problems are work loss and reduced income flow.

Attorney Casey Ebsary

Clients depend upon Attorney Casey Ebsary to protect their rights and to help them solve financial difficulties related to work injuries. Casey will investigate the evidence and circumstances of your accident. He has expert witnesses to call as needed to calculate future income loss and other claims related to your injury case. Casey is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer, highly experienced as well with Personal Injury legal matters.

Tampa Work Injuries Attorney

This hard-working legal professional has also served as a former Public Defender and Prosecutor. His background in Florida law is exceptional, and he is ready to help clients obtain justice. As a Tampa Work Injuries Attorney, Casey goes the extra mile for clients, to help them gain compensation for work injuries, so they can recover with fewer financial problems. Families depend on his legal skills and understanding of their situations. He is ready to provide help for you, a friend, or a loved one. All you need to do is call his Tampa, FL, law office today. Contact Attorney W.F. Casey Ebsary now, at (813) 222-2220.