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Child Porn Restitution Issues

Child Porn Restitution Issues

Tampa Criminal Defense expert notes a contact with a senior attorney with a large federal criminal defense team who has reported “serious attempts to get restitution for the child victims of the photos.”  Recently, a restitution order in excess of $3,600,000 was ordered against a defendant in a Southern District of Florida . An appeal has been filed and 11th Circuit has set the case for December 2010. The restitution is sought by an  attorney representing the children portrayed in the contraband seized by the feds, the “Amy” series and the “Vicky” series.

Tampa last year, 2009, the Government and Probation agreed that, in a possession of child pornography case, restitution for Vicky was not appropriate “because the harm to the victim was not proximately caused by the defendant.”  That case is U.S. v. XXX, Case No. 8:09-cr-00189-T-27MAP. (Name omitted).
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Source: Senior Criminal Defense Attorney in the Middle District of Florida
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