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Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney narrates a one minute video on how and where to find a criminal defense lawyer in Tampa, Florida 33602. Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney, William F. “Casey” Ebsary, Jr. is a Lawyer who practices in criminal defense of all criminal charges in State and Federal Court. Casey is a former Assistant State Attorney / Criminal Prosecutor. Mr. Ebsary is AV rated by the Martindale Hubbell Directory and An AV rating is the highest rating issued by this nationally recognized lawyer rating service. An AV Rating shows that a criminal defense lawyer has reached the height of professional excellence. AV Trial rated Criminal attorneys have usually practiced Defense law for many years, and are recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity.

  How to find a Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney

Visit or call a Board Certified Specialist 813-222-2220 Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer – W.F. ”Casey” Ebsary, Jr. , knows that hundreds of people are arrested, questioned, and indicted in both Florida State and Federal Courts every day. That’s where a Florida Bar Board Certified Specialist, comes in. Board Certified Specialist, W.F. ”Casey” Ebsary practices extensively in the Federal Court in the Middle District of Florida. Our Tampa Criminal Defense Office in Tampa, Florida recently redesigned our Google Places / Google Maps pages. We have added Photos and videos.

You can visit Casey here. Law Office of W.F. “Casey” Ebsary, Jr.

 “We Can Help in Federal Court, we can provide solutions. Tell me your story.” 

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Video Transcript: [Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer Narrates] Hundreds of people are arrested every day, you may be one of them. I spend most of my time in court fighting state and federal criminal charges. I have arrived at my destination. One of the many courthouses in Tampa Bay where I help people. Let me help you. Have you got criminal charges in State or Federal Court? Let me help. Call me at 813-222-2220. Let me drive to court to help you. [End of Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney Narrates]