Shocking Incident at Tampa Airport: Vacation Stunt Leads to Arrest!

Tampa Airport Arrest – Want to go to jail in Tampa come on vacation bring a firearm into the air side have the firearm be found by security at the airport the airport gets evacuated and you get arrested Don’t try this at home!

Unbelievable turn of events at Tampa Airport as a daring vacationer’s stunt takes a disastrous turn, resulting in an arrest. Stay informed with expert legal guidance from Remember, safety should always be a priority – never attempt such actions at home or during your travels!

Importance of Criminal Defense Counsel After Airport Weapons Incidents

After incidents involving weapons at Tampa International Airport, the importance of seeking criminal defense counsel cannot be overstated. Navigating the legal aftermath of such incidents requires expertise in both aviation and criminal law. An experienced defense attorney can provide guidance, ensuring your rights are protected and a strong defense strategy is developed. From understanding FAA regulations and Florida statutes to building a case tailored to your situation, legal counsel is essential. They can negotiate with prosecutors, aiming for reduced charges or alternative penalties. Facing weapons charges after an airport incident is a serious matter, and having skilled legal representation can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

Weapons Arrests at Tampa International Airport: Ensuring Traveler Safety and Compliance


Tampa International Airport, a bustling hub for travelers, is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and security. However, incidents involving weapons at airports continue to raise concerns. This article delves into the issue of weapons arrests at Tampa International Airport, highlighting the importance of adhering to FAA regulations and Florida statutes to ensure traveler safety and compliance.

Unveiling the Challenge of Weapons Arrests at Tampa International Airport

Weapons-related incidents at airports pose a significant challenge to airport authorities and law enforcement agencies. These incidents not only jeopardize the safety of travelers and airport staff but also disrupt airport operations and instill fear among passengers.

FAA Regulations: Stricter Measures for Air Travel Safety

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has implemented stringent regulations to prevent the transportation of weapons and dangerous items onto commercial aircraft. These regulations aim to maintain the security of air travel and prevent potential threats.

Bullet Points on FAA Regulations:

  • The FAA strictly prohibits passengers from carrying firearms, explosives, and other hazardous materials in their carry-on or checked baggage.
  • Passengers with a valid firearm permit may transport firearms in their checked baggage if they are properly declared and securely packaged according to FAA guidelines.
  • Ammunition must also be declared and properly stored in accordance with FAA regulations.
  • Violations of these regulations can result in severe penalties, including fines and potential criminal charges.
  • Citation to FAA Regulations: (FAA Regulations, Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1540.111)

Florida Statutes: Legal Framework for Weapons Possession

Florida statutes play a crucial role in shaping the legal framework for weapons possession within the state, including at its airports. Understanding and adhering to these statutes are imperative to avoid legal complications.

Bullet Points on Florida Statutes:

  • Florida law outlines various restrictions on carrying concealed weapons, including firearms, knives, and other dangerous weapons, without proper authorization.
  • Possession of certain weapons, such as firearms, in restricted areas of an airport, can lead to immediate arrest and legal action.
  • Travelers are advised to familiarize themselves with Florida’s concealed carry laws to prevent unintentional violations.
  • Citation to Florida Statutes:
    (Florida Statutes, Chapter 790, Weapons and Firearms)

Ensuring Compliance and Safety: Collaborative Efforts

To address the issue of weapons arrests at Tampa International Airport, a collaborative approach involving airport authorities, law enforcement agencies, and travelers themselves is essential.

Airport Security Measures: Tampa International Airport employs advanced security screening technologies and well-trained personnel to detect prohibited items effectively.
Awareness Campaigns: Regular awareness campaigns, both online and at the airport, educate travelers about prohibited items and the importance of compliance.
Law Enforcement Vigilance: Local law enforcement agencies work closely with airport security to promptly respond to and address weapons-related incidents.

Conclusion: A Safer Journey for All

As the gateway to the world for countless travelers, Tampa International Airport prioritizes the safety and well-being of its passengers. Adhering to FAA regulations and Florida statutes is not only legally mandatory but also crucial for ensuring a safe and seamless travel experience. By working together, passengers, airport authorities, and law enforcement agencies can contribute to making air travel from Tampa International Airport secure and worry-free for everyone.


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Arrest Warrant – Tampa Hillsborough Pinellas

Arrest Warrants: Your Options

The story of a typical arrest warrant begins when the police knock at the door, a detective’s business card is left for you, or a friend or relative calls you to let you know the police are looking for you – that is how it starts. Sometimes a background check for a new job uncovers a forgotten past. Other times a warrant is discovered during a routine traffic stop. In any event, the warrant will not go away.

Ready to take control of your legal situation? Contact us today for expert guidance on addressing arrest warrants and finding the best solution for your case. Don’t wait; let us help you navigate your options and resolve your legal concerns.

Sometimes law enforcement has a has an operation where they seek to clear as many arrest warrants as possible. Here is some video of one of those arrest sweeps in Tampa.

Dealing with Arrest Warrants: Your Options

1. Posting a Cash Bond:

Some warrants have a cash bond amount attached.
By posting the bond, the warrant can be recalled.

2. Turning Yourself In:

In certain cases, suspects are required to voluntarily turn themselves in to the county jail.
Failure to do so may result in being held or transported to appear before a judge, especially if caught out-of-county or out-of-state.

3. Extradition and Different Jurisdictions:

Some warrants may involve arrests in out-of-county, out-of-state, federal, or international jurisdictions.
These cases may necessitate legal help with extradition.

4. Turning Yourself In Open Court:

Some suspects, with legal counsel’s assistance, choose to turn themselves in open court.
Certain County and Circuit judges may consider bond issues more favorably for those who voluntarily appear.

5. Consulting a Tampa Arrest Warrants Attorney:

If you’re dealing with an arrest warrant in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, or Pasco County, a Tampa arrest warrants attorney can provide guidance.
An experienced Arrest Warrant Attorney can advise on the best approach to resolve the situation effectively.

6. Professional Assistance:

Some defendants with arrest warrants seek affordable help from a former prosecutor like W.F. “Casey” Ebsary, Jr.
Casey, an arrest warrant attorney, has extensive experience as an Assistant State Attorney in the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office.

7. Accessing Records and Seeking Resolution:

Legal professionals can access law enforcement and court records to assess your case.
Warrants can be issued for various crimes, from traffic offenses to felony charges.

8. Taking Prompt Action:

Whether you suspect a warrant has been issued or anticipate one, taking prompt action is crucial.
Legal experts can file appropriate motions and communicate with the local prosecutor to clear the warrant and address your legal concerns.

Data Sharing: Key Information on Warrants

Law enforcement agencies now share data via computer networks and databases. Unlike the days-gone-by where such information was kept locally, usually in a paper file, these records are almost instantly shared with those who access the numerous databases that report incidents. Due to automation, sometimes names, alleged alias names, dates of birth, and residency information are cross referenced in error. When this happens even the most understanding law enforcement officer will sometimes make an arrest based on wrong information.


What is an Arrest Warrant?


Under Florida State law, an arrest warrant can be issued in several ways. One warrant can arise from a failure to appear (FTA ) in court. For a valid warrant, there must be an order and proper legal notice. For some traffic tickets or a Notice to Appear ( NTA ) the only notice given is to the person who has been encountered by the police. Sometimes suspects give a false name and an arrest warrnt may be issued for the person who was unfortunate enough to have someone steal their identity. Notices to Appear are frequently issued for misdemeanor drug charges or shoplifting.

Another warrant can be issued after police refer a case to a local prosecutor. In Florida, local prosecutors are called State Attorneys. Sometimes an Assistant State Attorney or investigating law enforcement officer will request a Judge to issue an arrest warrant.

Violation of Probation Video

How can an arrest warrant be removed from the system?


In any event, some warrants have a cash bond amount set and upon posting the bond the warrant can be recalled. Other warrants will require the suspect to turn themselves in to the county jail. Failure to turn in or upon being caught out-of-county or out-of-state the person will be held or transported to appear before a judge in court. Some warrants call for an arrest on out of county, out of state, or federal, or international warrants. These cases may require help with extradition.

Some suspects, with the assistance of Counsel, choose to turn themselves in in open court. Some County and Circuit judges will immediately consider the issue of bond and may look favorably upon those who voluntarily appear versus those who are arrested by law enforcement and then hauled in to the system. Once the issue of bond is addressed and the person is released, the warrant will disappear.

A Tampa arrest warrants attorney may help you in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, or Pasco County Florida.  A qualified Arrest Warrant Attorney can help and advise you as to the easiest way to put this situation behind. Some Defendants with Arrest Warrants get professional affordable help from a Former Prosecutor. W.F. “Casey” Ebsary, Jr., is an arrest warrant attorney who was an Assistant State Attorney / Prosecutor in the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office. People with Outstanding Warrants in Tampa Bay area counties can call Casey for free advice and get recommendations for help when troubles arise. We can access law enforcement and court records to find out what we can do for you. Warrants for all types of crimes from traffic offenses to felony charges can be issued by law enforcement or Judges. Whether you believe there is or is going to be a warrant issued or has been issued for your arrest, you can contact us and we can file appropriate motions and make contact with the local prosecutor so the warrant can be cleared.

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Arrest Warrant Lawyer Attorney

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Free Hillsborough County Warrant Search


Hillsborough County Arrest Warrants are handled by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

Free Florida  Warrant Search

 Pinellas County Arrest Warrants are handled by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.



Update from Tampa Police on record-breaking roundup of persons with outstanding arrest warrants.

11:57 pm EST

“At dawn Tuesday, Tampa police launched what they say is the biggest warrant roundup in the department’s history. With nearly 6,000 outstanding warrants on their list, their first action was to go after 459 violent felons, including eight wanted for murder.”


  • Code Name is Operation Summer Heat
  • 72 Warrants Cleared
  • 33 of the warrants were cleared by arrest and 5 of those arrests were by the US Marshals Service in Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, Texas and Jacksonville.
  • 19 suspects were deceased
  • 20 suspects were located in prison and will be charged with TPD warrant when released.

The arrests include: Attempted Murder (2) Robbery cases, (3) Felony Battery cases, Armed Robbery VOP, False Imprisonment, Deriving Proceeds from Prostitution, Compelling Individual to Become a Prostitute, Trafficking Oxycodone and multiple Felony Drug Charges.

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Seizure | When has a Suspect or Defendant been Seized?

A seizure occurs when a reasonable person in the defendant’s position would not feel free to terminate the encounter.

Detention Arrest Seizure Florida

When has a Seizure of a Suspect or Defendant Occurred?

Recently I reviewed a case where the cop told a suspect that if he moved, he would be shot. He was not handcuffed or arrested at that point. Was this a seizure? YES The term “seizure” is an important concept in criminal defense. A person can be “seized” before he is actually restrained by physical force at the moment when, given all the circumstances, a reasonable person would believe he is not free to leave. Michigan v. Chesternut, 486 U.S. 567, 573 (1988). As the Supreme Court reaffirmed in Florida v. Bostick,, the test for determining whether a Terry stop has taken place “is whether a reasonable person would feel free to decline the officers’ requests or otherwise terminate the encounter.” 501 U.S. at 436.

Under Florida law the question of a seizure turns on “whether, taking into account all of the circumstances surrounding the encounter, the police conduct would ‘have communicated to a reasonable person that he was not at liberty to ignore the police presence and go about his business.'” Bostick at 437. The court stressed in Chesternut that there is a need for a seizure test which “calls for consistent application from one police encounter to the next” and permits police “to determine in advance whether the conduct contemplated will implicate the Fourth Amendment.” Chesternut at 574.

“Law enforcement officers do not violate the Fourth Amendment by merely approaching an individual on the street or in another public place, by asking him if he is willing to answer some questions, by putting questions to him if the person is willing to listen, or by offering in evidence in a criminal prosecution his voluntary answers to such questions.” Florida v. Royer, 460 U.S. 491, 497; 523, n. 3 (REHNQUIST, J., dissenting).

Criminal Record Expunge Sealing Video | Florida

Seal Expunge Florida Record

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