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White Collar Defense

White Collar Criminal Defense – Casey Ebsary is ready to fight white collar criminal charges arising out of the internet, computer crimes, cybercrimes, and computer fraud. Casey advises clients and assists attorneys in traveling the complicated path when white collar crimes are alleged and a computer may be the Government’s witness against you.

Litigation experience includes money laundering, fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, and theft. Fight using a lawyer with experience in high-tech litigation in information systems and practical business experience in international banking and currency transactions. Casey is an honors graduate of the University of Florida College of Business Administration, has run an international business enterprise, before becoming an honors graduate of the Stetson University College of Law. A Diverse business background brings a practical knowledge of the realities of accounting and business information systems, that helps Prosecutors, Assistant United States Attorneys, and Judges understand the facts of your case.

White Collar Defense – We Can Fight

White Collar criminal allegations in State or Federal Courts – we can help. Call us today at 1-877-793-9290 for a free initial consultation. If it is more convenient for you, we respond quickly to your call for help via our Call For Help web submission. All inquiries are sent to us wirelessly, we are constantly checking and responding, and will quickly get back to you via telephone or email.