Michael Jackson Death Verdict – Civil Case

Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray, AIG
Michael Jackson Death Verdict
Civil Case

No Notice – No Negligence

Since Michael Jackson died in June 2008, his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, went to prison for involuntary manslaughter and the entertainer’s family sued AIG Live, Jackson’s concert promoters. The lawsuit claimed the promoter is liable for Jackson’s death because AIG Live hired the Murray and used him to control Jackson. On Wednesday, October 2, 2013 a Los Angeles jury disagreed, finding that AIG had no way of knowing that Dr. Murray was incompetent to perform the work for which AIG hired him. Evidence showed that Dr. Murray was licensed to practice medicine in four states and had never been sued for malpractice. Further, Jackson had personally selected Dr. Murray to serve as his personal physician.


From the start, AIG Live refused to settle with the Jackson family and maintained throughout the trial that this tragedy was not of AIG’s making. At trial, evidence showed that Jackson was addicted to prescription medication, an addiction he hid from his family and friends and which was known to very few.
Our focus should be on the cold heart-less fact that addiction has claimed another. He was more than the greatest performer of our time, he was a human being. Consider the tragedy of his life: in the intense public limelight from a very early age, he would have developed an identity structured by how he was supposed to act in conformance with public expectations. How can anyone forget when he showed up at his molestation trial and danced on top of his SUV in front of hundreds of aghast reporters and spectators.
But what of the demons that haunted Jackson when he was alone, unable to sleep? What caused him to seek the escape which the sleeping pills provided? Why was he so determined to avoid dealing with his life on its own terms and escape via the use of drugs? What thoughts of inadequacy and fear went through his mind? These are questions which apply to all addicts. But as far as Jackson is concerned, the answers to these questions are known but to God.


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