Florida Cyber Crime Unit Gets State-of-the-Art Tool

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“Hard drive duplication is one of the first and most necessary steps required to perform an in-depth computer crimes investigation. Without evidence of a crime being committed, it is nearly impossible to successfully prosecute a case. Crime laboratory technicians duplicate the hard drive copying all of the data to a ‘clean’ drive for forensic analysis. . . .

The Logicube Forensic Talon is a high-tech portable hard drive duplication system that is deployed to the scene of a cyber crime. Without seizing the business’s affected computer, investigators connect it to the Logicube. The Logicube accesses the target computer’s hard drive and scans all of the data on the disc at the bit (ones and zeroes) level. Based on the scan of the target hard drive, the Logicube generates a unique, secure, non-duplicatable number-letter combination using a mathematical algorithm. The instrument then forensically duplicates the contents of the target hard drive copying it to a “clean” hard drive attached to the Logicube.

At the completion of the process the Logicube then scans the resulting copy of the hard drive and generates a second unique number-letter combination using the same mathematical algorithm. The two generated number letter combinations from the target computer and the forensic duplicate are compared and if they are the same number then the duplication was successful and the resultant evidence can be used for prosecution.”

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