Feds Cannot Bypass Android Security Pattern Screen Lock!


Android, Android Security Screen, Screen Lock

Android, Android Security Screen, Screen Lock

Android Search Warrant


Android Security Pattern

Feds cannot Bypass Android Security Pattern Screen Lock! After too many failed attempts phone is locked. Forensic software apparently cannot read a locked Samsung Android phone. We have just posted the FBI application for the search warrant issued to Google to tell Feds how to retrieve data here: Android Phone Search Warrant

Easy to Bypass Security Screen Lock on iPhone Wired has published a “quick method to circumvent an iPhone’s passcode-protected lock screen: tap the “Emergency Call” button, then enter three pound signs, hit the green Call button and immediately press the Lock button. That simple procedure gives a snoop full access to the Phone app on the iPhone, which contains the address book, voicemail and call history.”

Thanks to Wired Story here: https://m.wired.com/threatlevel/2012/03/fbi-android-phone-lock/

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