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Avoid a Super Bowl DUI Tampa

Where to go to Increase the Odds of a DUI Arrest 

 Here are the top DUI locations for Tampa.


“Next time you visit some of the area’s more popular bars, make sure you arrange a ride home if you plan on partaking in more than one or two alcoholic beverages.’



2- The Kennedy

3- Hyde Park Cafe

4- Seminole Hard Rock Casino

5- Peabody’s

6- The Lodge

7- Blue Martini

8- CDB Pizza

9- The Drynk

10- Gaspar’s Grotto


How to avoid a DUI
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If you are charged with a DUI, call a lawyer ASAP Call (813) 222-2220. Before you even start drinking decide how you will get back home. Then you are thinking clearly and you can choose your best option: designate one person to take everyone home, use tow-to-go, take a taxi, use Uber, Lyft maybe even staying where you are.


Avoid DUI: Fun & The Super Bowl