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A Free Ride For You or a Friend in Florida. Use this number 855-286-9246 to avoid a DUI and the need for a dui lawyer. Download the number to your phone, print it, and share it with all you friends and family. Keep it with you in case you end up in a tight spot. Tow to Go is a program of the Auto Club Group Traffic Safety Foundation. For full details visit .

DUI Take a Cab or a Tow Truck Call (855) 2-TOW-2-GO

Free Ride for 2 People
No Advance Reservations Allowed
Offer Valid Dec 24 to Jan 1

Recently the Florida Highway Patrol reported that 33.5 percent of fatalities in car crashes were alcohol related. There are programs designed to prevent folks who’ve had a little too much holiday cheer from getting behind the wheel are helping the statistics drop. The American Automobile Association AAA dispatches tow trucks to take tipsy car owners and their vehicles home, free of charge. The service allows bar and restaurant managers to use cabbies as designated drivers from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. In one three year period, more than 2,500 drunken drivers have remained off the road.

The Florida Highway Patrol Preliminary Fatality Report revealed that there were 37 deaths in some 29 crashes over the Thanksgiving weekend, three of which were alcohol related. “Along with the combination of enforcement and education, the programs certainly do have an impact,” said Lt. David Folsom, who supervises TPD’s traffic unit. Both initiatives run through New Year’s Day.”

To Drive or not to Drive . . .

“The penalties for DUI in the state of Florida can cost as much as $5,000 on the first offense, according to local law-enforcement officials. Offenders face revoked licenses, criminal records, community service, increased insurance rates, probation, fines and possible imprisonment.Still, bar patrons say more leniency from the law and property owners is needed if they want them do the right thing and avoid driving home drunk.Still, the towing costs for a DUI are higher — financially and emotionally — than for requesting a tow, Overstreet said.”They can look at it as they are still getting screwed, but when you compare the cost of a DUI arrest, that’s pretty cheap,” he said. “It’s much worse if you get in an accident and hurt or kill somebody. You’re looking at spending the next 15 years in prison.”