Executive Clemency Initiative – Five Possible Requirements

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Executive Clemency Initiative
Five Possible Requirements

Florida Update 2020

Florida Clemency Board Blocks Pardons

As of August, the clemency board had a backlog of more than 24,000 cases.


Update:  September 25, 2014 – Attorney General Holder Resigns

Our team has begun organization of resources for expediting the clemency petitions to be filed under the new Executive Clemency Initiative. Two Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyers and a number of other attorneys and paralegals are standing by in offices near the Coleman Federal Prison in Florida.

We believe most inmates will eventually receive some attention. However, our plan is to quickly gather needed information, and expedite the completion of the case file for federal authorities to review. Remember there are Five Possible Requirements and the initiative is limited.

Five Requirements for Clemency Eligibility

• Are currently serving a federal sentence in prison and, by operation of law, likely would have received a substantially lower sentence if convicted of the same offense(s) today;
• Are non-violent, low-level offenders without significant ties to large-scale criminal organizations, gangs, or cartels;
• Have served at least 10 years of their sentence;
• Do not have a significant criminal history;
• Have demonstrated good conduct in prison; and

• Have no history of violence prior to or during their current term of imprisonment.

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