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Employee Drug Testing, Drug Testing

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Employee Drug Testing Unconstitutional

Criminal Defense Attorney has just obtained the full text of a Florida Federal District Court ruling on employee drug testing. The court found where there is no legitimate safety concern, drug testing without probable cause violated the Fourth Amendment.

Case Excerpt:

Great news for Employees subjected to Florida Employee Drug Testing  – Unconstitutional Court says, “The [employee’s] Union here asks for a permanent injunction, which requires three elements: 1) there was a legal violation; (2) there is a serious risk of continuing irreparable injury if an injunction is not granted; and (3) there are no adequate remedies at law. (citation omitted). Here, the Court finds that the EO [Executive Order 11-58], as applied to current employees at the covered agencies, is violative of the Fourth Amendment, and that these employees will suffer irreparable harm if subjected to it.” Defense Attorney Courtesy Copy of Complete Employee Drug Testing Opinion is here.

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