Decryption of Hard Drive Blocked

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TrueCrypt and the Fifth Amendment

Password Decrypt Hard Drive

 TrueCrypt and the Fifth Amendment

Federal Defense Attorney just won a case where the defendant was ordered to decrypt a hard drive the government had lawfully seized. Feds tried to force a defendant to give up a password used to encrypt several hard drives using TrueCrypt.

Case Excerpts: “The Fifth Amendment protects Doe’s refusal to decrypt and produce the contents of the media devices because the act of decryption and production would be testimonial . . . .”


“We hold that Doe properly invoked the Fifth Amendment privilege. In response, the Government chose not give him the immunity the Fifth Amendment and 18 U.S.C. § 6002 mandate, and the district court acquiesced. Stripped of Fifth Amendment protection, Doe refused to produce the unencrypted contents of the hard drives. The refusal was justified, and the district court erred in adjudging him in civil contempt. The district court’s judgment is accordingly REVERSED”

Congrats to Attorney Chet Kaufman 

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