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Trafficking Counterfeit Goods, Conspiracy, Mail Fraud

Trafficking Counterfeit Goods, Conspiracy, Mail Fraud

Conspiracy Trafficking Counterfeit

Trafficking Counterfeit Electronics and Components

Tampa Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in the Middle District of Florida has just obtained excerpts from a recent indictment for Conspiracy, Trafficking Counterfeit Goods, and Mail Fraud involving electronic components:


“The devices are used in a variety of applications including consumer electronics, transportation, medical, spacecraft, and military. Counterfeit integrated circuits can result in product or system failure or malfunction, and can result in costly system repairs, property damage, and serious bodily injury, including death. Such counterfeits also raise national security concerns because the history of the device is unknown, including who has handled it and what has been done to it.”

A recent (January 2010) study outlined the Government’s position on the prevalence of counterfeit electronics and components. The Executive Summary states in part, “The purpose of this study is to provide statistics on the extent of the infiltration of counterfeits into U.S. defense and industrial supply chains, to provide an understanding of industry and government practices that contribute to the problem, and to identify best practices and recommendations for handling and preventing counterfeit electronics.”


Here is a complete copy of the recent Government Report on Counterfeit Electronics and Components.

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