Federal Executive Clemency – 10 Questions to Ask

Federal Executive Clemency
10 Questions to Ask

We spent considerable time last week assembling our team to begin expediting the clemency petitions to be filed under the new Executive Clemency Initiative. Our team includes two Board Certified Criminal trial Lawyers and a number of other attorneys and paralegals. Our sense is that while most inmates will eventually receive some attention, our goal will be to quickly gather needed information, and to expedite the completion of the case file for federal authorities to evaluate. We have collected and listed below the basic information needed to get started and the specific questions we believe will need answers.

Ten Facts Needed for Executive Clemency Review
To begin the process, our clemency attorneys will need the following information:
• Name – first, last, middle 
• Date of Birth 
• District Court Case Number 
• Bureau of Prisons Facility Location and Address 
• BOP Register Number 
• District where sentenced 
• Projected Release Date 
• Attorney who represented you at sentencing — please provide name and address if you know it 
• Attorney(s) who previously represented you in any appeal, habeas proceeding, sentence reduction proceeding, or application for sentence commutation — please provide name and address if you know it. 
• If you currently have an attorney representing you in any aspect of your federal criminal case including an application for sentence commutation, please provide the attorney’s name, address, and any other contact information if you know it.
Ten Important Questions on Executive Clemency
1. For what offense(s) were you convicted for which you are serving your current federal sentence? 
2. What sentence did the judge originally impose? 
3. When were you originally sentenced? 
4. Were you given a longer sentence for possessing or using a weapon?
5. Was your sentence later changed?
6. If you answered yes to Question 5, what is your current sentence? 
7. How much time have you served on your current sentence? 
8. Are you currently appealing or challenging any part of your conviction or sentence? If you answered yes, is that case pending?
9. Have you been convicted of any other crimes besides the one(s) for which you are serving your current federal sentence?
10. Have you received any incident reports while serving your current sentence?

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