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Juror Questionnaires

Defense Attorneys who go to trial would like to know more about those who are seated on a jury in their client’s trials. In a jury trial dozens of people are called by the court and interviewed by the lawyers and in some case, by the judge. Some trial courts allow for written questions to be answered by potential jurors to aid in the selection process. I have spent some time reviewing a juror questionnaire in a high profile trial in federal court and listed a few questions below. Our readers can view a recent Federal Juror Questionnaire here. We have also posted a Juror Questionnaire used in an entertainment personality’s trial here.

Since a jury decision should be based upon the evidence in court, trial lawyers want to know if prospective jurors have been following a case in the media. Now that means television, radio, newspapers, and the internet.
31. How often do you use the Internet?
( ) Never ( ) A little ( ) Sometimes ( ) A lot ( ) Every day
What sort of things do you use the Internet for?
What sort of information do you obtain from the Internet?
Which web sites do you visit regularly?
32. Do you like to “blog” or read blogs on the Internet? ( ) Yes ( ) No
IF YES, which blogs do you visit?
33. Do write your own blog or post comments on other blogs? ( ) Yes ( ) No
IF YES, what is the name of your blog or what blogs do you post comments to?
47. Reports about this case have appeared in the news. Have you seen, heard or read anything about this case? (This includes not only anything you may have seen or read in the media, but also anything you might have heard from relatives, friends or coworkers.)
( ) Yes ( ) No
IF YES, please indicate where you heard or read about this case by checking all that apply:
( ) TV News ( ) Radio News ( ) Newspaper ( ) Magazines ( ) Books, including “Game of Shadows”( ) Internet ( ) On-Line ( ) Conversations ( ) Overheard others discussing the case
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