Surveillance Cameras in Tampa Florida

Eye on Crime
Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney notes that twenty surveillance cameras were installed in an area bounded by Fowler Avenue, Bearss Avenue, Nebraska Avenue and Bruce B. Downs Boulevard. The cameras offer 360-degree views of street corners and parking lots. Arrests have been made during the cameras’ test runs.

“I hate to use the anecdote ‘It’s like shooting fish in a barrel,’ but it is,” Deputy Burton of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said. According the Tampa Tribune, “The cameras were funded with a $1 million federal grant called Eye on Crime. The University Area is a pilot project for Hillsborough County, but the cameras are used in other cities such as Chicago and New York.”

The portable cameras are high-resolution cameras and record 24 hours a day. Images are stored for 30 days and are monitored from the sheriff’s office’s district station. Deputies may also will be able to see views from the cameras in their cars and in a helicopter.

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