Immigration and Criminal Defense Consequences

Immigration and Criminal Defense
Here is an outline titled “Crimigration: The Marriage of Immigration and Criminal Law.” Friend of the site and author, Terry Christian is a former Immigration Judge and is also Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law. Complete text for Immigation Consequences of Criminal Convictions and Conduct is here. 
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The topics include:

Definition of a Criminal Conviction

Criminal Conduct Incurring Immigration Consequences

A. Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude
B. Crimes of Violence
C. Drugs and Trafficking Crimes
D. Aggravated Felonies
E. Other Crimes and Criminal Conduct Proscribed in the INA

Consequences of Criminal Convictions and Criminal Behavior

A. Inadmissibility
B. Deportability

Motion to Vacate See Padilla v. Kentucky, Case No. 08-651, S.Ct., Argued October 13, 2009-Decided March 31, 2010.)

Order of Vacatur

Complete Document is a Free Download Here.

Special Thanks to guest contributor Terry Christian.

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